Saturday, July 25, 2009

~*~Bitter but Sweet~*~

Today started off on well not so much a high note. We headed to our friends Jason & Rae's house to say our Good Byes to Rae & their son Christan. Due to personal reason's Rae is moving back to the Mainland. So sad to see her & the lil. guy go & we wish them the best.

After dropping her off at the airport Gabe & I headed home for some chill time before our big dinner plans for the night.
That evening we headed downtown to Red Lobster for dinner, just the two of us. We wanted to do something extra special tonight since Gabers will be gone for the next two weekends.

It was wonderful, to just sit and chat and talk about so much....plans for now, future & so many different things. I just love nights like tonight. We ended dinner with some tasty Key Lime Pie & home we headed.
So I though. As we were going down the highway almost to Schofield Jared exits off to make a detour. It hits me and I know just were he is going.
To look at cars. Its what we do best, lol. He has this thing with looking at different types of cars and all the fancy features they have to offer. He wanted to show me the new Jetta, Not a bad little car. After looking at that we take a look at a car sitting off to the side which I though was super fancy but wouldn't work for us. And that's when the salesman said "You wanna take it for a test drive?" aaaahhhhh, really, Its so awesome but we are just looking, not looking to buy I though to myself. OK OK why not. So we did, and when we got back I was loving it more and more. We went inside to talk some numbers but without having my car there to show them (because we would be trading it in) it was a bit hard. So we parted our ways and told them we would be back in the morning when they opened.
OMG, I was going crazy. As much as I like the car and wanted it, it was not in "OUR PLANS".After lots of talking and number crunching & Gabe even finding the exact car listed on for $2000.00 less than the sticker price @ the brain was about to burst and I couldn't take it. So off to bed I went.......
.........I love date nights, they are the best when your married to the most amazing person on the face of Gods green earth. How Blessed we are.

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Annie Banannie said...

Date nights are the best!! So glad you guys had a wonderful evening...sorry to hear about your friend leaving :(