Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Cook Book YEAH!!!!!

After waiting for what seemed like forever I finally found the New Cook Book I had been wanting.

Cook Yourself Thin (as seen on Lifetime)

I saw the Lifetime show on a while back and googled to see if there was a cook book out there and sure enough there was. We have stared quite the collection of cook books since My Love has returned home and we enjoy cooking together so much. We are regulars at the Borders here on Island and can spend hours in there just looking around. One evening we stopped off & I checked to see if they had the book in and well NOPE. So I called a few of the others that were in the near by area and none of them had it.
I new I could order the book through Borders, Barnes & Noble, I even found it on Amazon but I wanted it now & didn't want to have to mess with the whole shipping & handling process. uhg!!!!!

Every so often when we would be out we would stop in Borders for a look around and of course I would look for to see if they had the Cook Yourself Thin book I had been wanting. However they never did.

This past week when we were in Arizona we did so much shopping and looking around. It was crazyness, but so much fun. Friday afternoon as we were heading to check out at Fry's Electronics I was glancing at all the items on the shelf's in the check out line and I'll have you know THERE WAS MY BOOK......There was only ONE, and I think it was there just for me. I snatched it up like it was on fire and couldn't get Jared's attention fast enough to show him.
Finally, I can stop looking for it and debating on weather or not to order it on line. hee hee (although if I would of ordered it on line when I first thought about it I would of had it by now. oh well I got it now and I'm as happy as can be.)

I can't wait to try out some of the recipes this coming up week. :0

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Annie Banannie said...

I have the same cookbook!! I LOVE it!! I found it here @ Sam's Club for dirt cheap 2 weeks ago...I wish I would've known you were looking for it!