Saturday, July 18, 2009

Totally Stuffed & Melted

We have looked & looked for the large (jumbo) pasta shells every time we go to the commissary & they never seem to have any. I even try to remember to look when we are at other stores off post & nothing.
During our trip back home to PHX we were at Fry's (a grocery store) & I though to look & low & behold there they were. I had began to think they didn't make them & it was just something Gabe had made up. But finally we hit the jackpot. We have several Jumbo Stuffed Shell recipes that we have been wanting to try out but NO shells. I bought 3 boxes right then & carried them on the plane with me on the way back. (I didn't want them to crack)
So tonight on our "Dinner Menu" was Stuffed Italian Meatball Shells. I was so excited. As I was putting everything together it was all going very well & we couldn't wait to taste the final product. We even went with the Turkey meatballs instead of ground beef because it is healthier :)
Here is the before of what it looked like right before everything melted and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!

The recipe said to cook covered for 35 minutes & well we have (had) this really nice set of Glass cookware with the plastic / rubber lids that I always forget about but not tonight. I remember and thought to myself this will be perfect, because I wont have to use foil. So I put it all together (in the mean time Gabe is relaxing with a video game in the other room) and popped the lid on & in the oven it goes. 35 minutes goes by & I go to open the oven to take off the lid to cook it for another 5 minutes & not only do I find that the mozzarella cheese has melted but so did the LID. I called Gabe into help me & show him that the lid had melted to the glass dish & he just shook his head & went for the camera to take a picture, and said he couldn't believe I did that.

Well ummmmmm, no one said I was the smartest chef in the world. hee hee. Needless to say that lid went straight in the trash. oops!!!
However the final dish turned out better than I though, it was delicious. We even have some left over for tomorrow yumm yumm I can wait.

And then the after photo..............


Annie Banannie said...

This is priceless :) At least dinner still turned out fab!!

Jess said...

You crack me up girl! The meal looks great!