Friday, July 24, 2009

Its a Beautiful Day.....

Its a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood, Its a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood oh wont you be mine oh wont you be my neighbor. :)
Today has started off to be a Beautiful day. I was able to sleep in to almost 8am which is a rare thing on the weekdays in our house because the dogs are normally up barking by 6:15am wanting to go outside & play but not today. Gabers came home from PT & we fixed a feast of a breakfast to eat. Ok ok not really we had Biscuits & Gravy w/ eggs. Yummy...and we even sat at our dinning table and ate. Normally we find ourselves eating on the couch every day because its just the two of us. But this morning we decided to change things up a bit & It was rather nice.
On another note: I only have to work @ the CDC from 10~6 today & for all of next week I'm working 10~6. Normally I hate having to close but seeings My One & Only Love Boo will be at WLC for 2 weeks I don't mind. I'm hoping it will help the days go by fast.
This evening we are having Gabes famous Chicken Parmesan for dinner & I can't wait. I never use to like it before he made it and now I just love it.
It's a gorges day out today also so I'm hoping the sun last through the evening so we are able to take our walk together with the lil. guys :)
Awh its a sweet sweet life that we live together......and I'm loving it to bits and pieces. I can't wait to get the weekend started, HERE'S TO ANOTHER DAY LIVING THE GOOD LIFE IN PARADISE!!!

The day at work ended great now time for dinner and our week is gonna be busy busy busy but oh so hard :(


Nichole said...

You are the best! I miss you guys so much! I hope you have a great weekend together!

Jess said...

I hope you two have a great weekend and the two weeks he is gone fly by for you!

April is a wonderful month! :)

Annie Banannie said...

Hope you two have a fabulous weekend together!! Chicken parmesan sounds super yummy!!