Monday, September 15, 2014

The In-Loves Came to Town!!!

The In-Loves came to visit for the week, so we had the chance to show them around were we live and the Nashville area. Our first our of state visitors. Hey any reason for me to take off work right!!!! We had a few things planned already and then kinda of just went with the flow on other days. I absolutely love the In-Loves, they are so sweet and do so much to help us when they are here. It's always a great time when they come to visit. I didn't end up taking many pictures while they were here but here are a few. 

Breakfast at one of our Favorite places!!!! 
Loveless Cafe
I ventured out of my box and got the fabulous Chicken and Waffles with their Home Fries. Seriously did not disappoint. The money is in their biscuits though, down right mouth watering. I bought another package of batter to bring back with us, along with their fried chicken batter. 
"Somebodies gonna slap your momma its so good!!!" 
(Our good friend Big E always say's that, so it seemed fitting)

After breakfast we headed over to the Antique Archaeology Store, other wise known as American Pickers. We love that show and just so happens the In-Loves do to. I will say I was not as impressed with it as I though I would be. I'm not really sure what I was expecting to see but at least I can save we've been. 
That was followed up by a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame. A must see for any one coming to the Nashville area right. It was nice, pretty big again I was expecting more but I can say I've been and have absolutely no desire to go back. Unless we have visitors again of course. Oh and I had so show my love for Cola!!! 

Oh and why not completely take advantage of my Mother-In-Love offering to take our picture every were we went. Oh why yes, we'd be glad to pose for you. My favorite of the three is the one in the middle. I swear he smiles, just not for the camera most days. 
We did and saw so much more this was just a little peak into our week with them here.
Of course with all good things they must come to a end and so the stay-cation for us and the vacation for them was over. Not with out a stop at Dunkin on the way to the Airport though. I can't wait for them to come back out to visit, we always have such a relaxing fun time and they are seriously the easiest house guest ever!!! 
My 1st Mint Hot Chocolate of the season!!!! 

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Katie said...

SO fun! I love visitors!!! Chicken and waffles...yum! My husband doesn't smile either. Yep not even ONE wedding photo!
75% chance we will be moving to your new state! :)