Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Goal Recap

As you may remember I set a few goals for myself over the month of August with the hubbs being gone. Over all I didn't do to bad, however there were a few area's I didn't do great in at all. Dear running injury you really cramped my running this month. More on that in a bit. I'm a little late at getting my recap posted for August, so September's goals will be up with in the next day or two.
To jog your memory here are my August Goals.

*Running- Well I most certainly didn't meet my 75 mile goal. But for good reason, well not by my choice that is. I sadly ended up straining my hip flexor and that kinda cramped my running. I made it through about half the month and totaled 29 miles. Not were I wanted to be at all, but it happens. I've never had this problem before and let me tell you it absolutely sucked. It hurts, so bad to even walk sometimes. So the rest of the month consisted of lots of stretching and icing my leg / hip. I added in a couple different work out routines at home though to kinda of make up for not being able to run and I've got my plank time up to 2 minutes and 31 seconds. I'm quite proud of myself. :)
*Saving- I actually didn't do to bad on this goal at all. I kept track of everything I spent and made sure I didn't make any unnecessary purchases. As funny or silly as it might sound it felt so good coming home at the end of the day and marking $0 on my calendar for that day on not spending anything. I was able to put a little extra aside into our savings accounts like we had planned and make a few purchases for the hubbs Welcome home gift. Not to mention I put some fun money aside for when the In-Loves come in town next weekend.

*Classroom--Success!!! I completed my classroom updates and set up. Shelves & Cubbies are labeled, Pictures are put up on wall and my centers are relabeled and they look so much better. There are a few small things that I still need to do to get ready for our be yearly evaluation coming up in November. Classroom art project, a on going art project with the kiddos, print and hang pictures from last weeks events. I completed all of their evaluations to see were they stand and have started working with them one on one in the area's they are struggling in. Over all I'm pretty happy with were I stand in my classroom.

*Eating OutThis one was a complete SUCCESS, I am happy to say I didn't eat out not one time. I did stop and get a tea from Sonic a time or two which was much needed dealing with my kiddos sometimes. But aside from that I either ate at home or at work. (lunch is provided to teachers when the kids eat) I did have a girls night out for dinner one night but that fell through. Another night I went out with a group of people from our neighborhood to a local bar. A few people ordered food and offered me some and I so kindly declined. This past weekend T from the neighborhood invited me to meet up with her and her friend J at Dunkin Donuts for girl time and "coffee". I don't drink Coffee and wasn't going to eat so I took my lemonade in with me. That same evening T invited J and I to grab dinner and then over to her house to work on a little project. I went with them to dinner at Zaxby's but ate before hand so I wasn't tempted to eat while I was there. After about a month of no eating out it really wasn't as hard as I though it would be to. Will power I tell you, it WORKS!!!! 
*Sweet's & BakingAnother SUCCESSful goal in the books. This one was hard let me tell you!!! We / I don't eat a lot of sweets but goodness every now and then everyone needs a piece of chocolate or some Froyo. The weekends were harder than the weekdays. Being home working around the house or veggie out on the couch every so often I would get a sweet tooth itch. I pushed through and didn't give in. There was no baking done in that oven of ours either. Boy that was a hard one, with the Pinterest randomness searching I found a few…ok many new yummy sweet treats that were so tempting to try but I didn't.

*PuppiesI actually did even better than I had planned out for myself on this goal. I walked the pups every day through out the month of August with the exception of only 3 days. Another one I kept track of on my calendar and made me fill good about myself by marking it down each time I'd come home from our walk. Our 3 days we didn't walk were because 1) it was raining one evening, 2) my horrible hip injury, 3) a late night errand run. We ended out the month with a 5.2 mile walk this evening at a local park / walking trail here called the Greenway. It was our (the pups and I) first time there, it wasn't to bad at all. It was really pretty and the whole trail area that we took was shaded. Next time we'll have to check out the other side of the trail. There were a couple of days I took them on two walks which I know they loved. It def. made me feel a bit better considering I couldn't run.

August shaped up to be a pretty good month even with the hubbs gone. I am looking forward to September and what it has in store for us both. I've defiantly been focusing more on my health and fitness here lately and its been going great. Makes me feel so much better about myself.
Here's to SEPTEMBER, its my brothers birthday month so its bound to be a good one, oh and the IN-LOVES are coming in a week YAY!!!!!! 


Katie said...

Yay for all the success! And what a great place to walk the pups! I'm sure they loved it!!!

Jamie said...

You didn't eat out even once?! Wow!!

Claire said...

What great goals, I'll have to try to set a goal list!

God bless,
XO, Claire

Brittany said...

Great job, lady!! I love that you set the goals and work so hard to achieve're a go-getter and that's so admirable!