Thursday, August 14, 2014

Still Adjusting to our New Home State

While I've been living in the Upper South (we'll call it that), for 2 and a 1/2 months now….I'm still trying to adjust to life here in Tennessee. We are enjoying the area, finding new things to see and do every so often. Trying out new restaurants, local shops on the weekends and checking out the new homes being built in our neighborhood when we go on our evening walks. It's almost about done (give or take to the end of the year) and it will be complete, which means no more construction traffic. Thankfully it really hasn't been to bad. I'm sure I'll change my thoughts on that once they start building directly in front of our house. It's officially been 1 week since the hubbs left for training. Although it seems like he's been gone for much longer but at the same time this past week has gone by pretty quickly. So that's a good thing right?!?!? I've still be on the outs with making friends and meeting new people. Its a daily struggle that I've been going through, life I suppose. I have met a couple girls at work that I've become pretty well comfortable with chatting and getting to know. However nothings gone past work yet. I did have dinner plans this evening with one of them but that fell through last minute. Should have seen that coming I suppose. I'm really trying not to let it get to me and remind myself that it just takes time. I was in such a funk when we moved from Hawaii to The South that I didn't give myself a chance to enjoy the first 4-6 months I was there. I am determined not to let that happen here. I'm really trying to focus on me and making a better life for myself and my husband. We like the city we are stationed in and hope to make it home for a good few years. Since buying a house here I really want us to be able to enjoy it and make a ton of wonderful memories here.
This past weekend I went down to the Cumberland river which has a beautiful running / walking path over looking the river. A large marina, filled with all different boats that make me giddy, a boat ramp, several parks, a pond with a mile paved / wooded path around it and a large dog park. It really is a beautiful place to go for a run. I for see many more miles being ran there in my future. Unfortunately I am suffering a minor injury right now that I am having to wait for it to heal before I can hit the pavement. Nothing serious at all, thank goodness because I'm not sure what I'd do if it was. Running is a huge part of my life and a great therapy session for clearing my head. Hoping to be back on the streets next week adding those miles.
Sunday morning I woke up and made myself a fabulous plate of Banana Pancakes. They are seriously my favorite go to meal that I love to indulge into. I enjoyed them out on my back patio deck with the pups. It was a beautiful morning, listening to the birds chirp and the wind blow. Add in there some Peach Tea and Pandora the only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been if the hubbs was here. Soon enough though, I'm trying to make the most out of my days and by doing so I've been catching up on past TV series lol. Of course nightly walks with the pups and dinner on the patio. Its my new favorite place to spend my evenings unwinding from work. I'm wanting to add curtains to one side of the deck, to have a bit of privacy from our neighbors on that side. Its just figuring out how I want to do it. Well that and breaking down and actually following through with it. 
We did know one family here before getting stationed here, we were all stationed together in Hawaii. In fact they were a big reason on why we decided to come here for our next duty station. Any how there two sweet kiddos went to the same preschool were I am working at now. That's actually how I found out about it. Any how little O started back to school on Tuesday. B starts school in a couple weeks and she has two classes were she has to go to campus for them so O will come to school Tues. & Thurs. He's not in my class sadly, he's a few years to young but I am so excited that I now get to see him a couple times a week at work as well. He really is such a wild fun child and makes you laugh!!! Today was his second day at school and he did much better today. I snapped this pic of us today on the playground. 
While having dinner out on the deck this evening there must of been a number of people walking by in the front. The pups kept pacing back and forth from the gate and a little gap under the fence. Bailey eventually laid down and stuck her head under the fence. It was to funny, she just laid there and watched them. Some times in moments like these they really do melt my little heart. :) 

Tomorrow's Friday, and even through I don't really have any plans for the weekend I'm looking forward to it. I might make a trip to the Farmers Market, depending on the weather. Its looking like its suppose to rain. Fingers crossed it doesn't. Hope you and yours are doing well and having a great week!


Jamie said...

Happy to hear you're doing ok!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You are at Campbell, right? Do you read Sarah's blog? She is so funny and has the cutest little girl- yall might be able to connect! I always have an adjustment time when moving and meeting new people too. In DC two of my new good friends are girls i met through blogging!

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Your back yard and deck look so nice. What a great way to escape after a long day. Hope it hasn't been too hot there! Everyone here says that our summer has been milder than normal.

Janna Renee said...

I'm glad you are trying to be positive! You are a wonderful person, so it's only a matter of time before you make friends ;)