Friday, April 3, 2015

Cooking For One

I've been missing this handsome fella something fierce here lately. Time is creeping by and its got me going stir crazy. I feel like there's still so much time to go and so much happening before he gets home. I'm swamped with work and school, on top of trying to maintain a healthy well balanced diet and work out plan. I'm managing I am, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my bad days. 
Hurry home baby I miss you, to pieces and your dogs are driving me crazy!!!! 

This is one of the pictures from the night he left, which I never posted because they break my heart every time I look at them. 
While G's been away I've completely changed my eating habits.... for the better. I'm by no means converting to going 100% clean but I am happy to say that I am now eating 75-80 % clean meals which is a huge change for me. I did a straight 15 days clean eating the last part of March and well I only caved twice during those 15 days. Progress and Practice People. 
I've enjoyed making some yummy new meals and even revamping some of our favorite meals into a healthy cleaner version. 

Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Chicken and Spinach for breakfast. 
Baked Apple Slices for a afternoon snack. 
Turkey Taco Salad w/ Fresh Canned Salsa for dinner.
 Are just a few of the yummy dishes I've been cooking up here these past few weeks. 

Speaking of being swamped with School, My friend / Co-worker / Classmate and I met up at Starbucks last weekend for a study date and spent a good 3+ hours working on one paper, ONE!!!! Only to find out a few days later we still needed to add to it. Not much but still, the fact that I had it or though I had it done and now its not is so aggravating. This whole back to school thing is still new to me, but I'm making it work. I'm so blessed and glad to be back in the classroom, but ready for summer break. (did I mention I might be taking a summer class aahhhhh)
Oh and I'm officially back on the streets!!! I took the winter off from running, why well because it was freaking cold out and I'm a wimp. I feel like a new person out there running. I was worried I'd struggle a bit at first to get my grove back but that hasn't been the case and it just makes me want to push and strive that much more. It just goes to show that this new life style I've created for myself has really benefited me in more way's then one.
 It's My Birthday Month!!! Holla!!!! 
And I've set a goal to run 29 miles in the month of April to celebrate my (soon to be) 29 years of life!!! 9 miles down and only 20 to go, I'm off to a great start!! 

And just for fun.....we got new jump ropes at school this past week and I had so much fun getting out there and breaking them in with the kids. I seriously felt like I was back in middle school gym class. Anyone looking to get me a birthday gift, here's a idea!!!! lol. No but for reals!!! 


Katie said...

ohh girl... I hope time starts to speed up for ya. Yay for clean eating. Every time Mike leaves I am the worst at making dinner for myself because I don't want to clean up.

Pamela said...

that breakfast looks SO GOOD! I have really thought about getting a jump rope! It's great exercise!!

Jamie said...

Good for you making healthier food choices!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Hope that time speeds up! I had a hard time cooking when kev was gone too because the boys didn't care what we had as long as it was something they liked and I didn't have the time/enrgy to really create much. Looks like you are doing well though!