Sunday, March 6, 2016

Uncle JT

How I told my Brother aka Bubby he was going to be a Uncle. 

About two weeks prior to him finding out during our weekly chat's we were talking about something and he had asked me then if I was pregnant. I quickly changed the subject and went on talking about something else. Later in the conversation it came up again. Seriously dude would you just drop it already I thought. I already had a plan of how were were going to tell him  and I've held out this long two more weeks wasn't going to hurt anything. 
Once we to our sonogram picture from our first appt. we made a copy of it and put it inside a card one of the girls at work helped make for me. 

I wrote a little message in it, told him I was sorry for not telling him earlier (which I knew he'd totally understand). I dropped it in the mail Wednesday afternoon and sat by my phone for the next few days. Friday came and went Saturday came and went. I figured 1) it didn't get there by Saturday and would arrive on Monday or 2) it did and he just didn't check his mail since they'd probably been out on the water all day. (they have a community mail area at the bottom of the hill, where he has to go check his box, so its not as simple as walking out the front door.) Sunday we were out grabbing lunch in the Westy and I left my phone in the van when we went inside to get our food. When we got back in the van I had 3 texted messages from Bubby. My heart immediately started racing and I got so excited. I looked at the hubbs before I even opened the texts from him and said JT know'. Sure enough I opened the text messages to find this. 
I figured he'd call me when he opened the card, but either way he finally knew. 
I called him back and he was so excited. He say's he knew it but I don't believe him, he's crazy. But hey maybe he did. Maybe its a sibling instinct. Who know's!!
Baby is due 15 days before Bubby's birthday which makes it that much more sweeter. My Bubby is one of my best friends and I just know he's going to make the best Uncle JT ever. 

Now that he know's I can finally fill him in on what we sent Nene for her birthday. She's the last Grandparent between not just JT and I but the Hubbs as well. We knew we wanted to do something extra special to let her know she was going to be a Great Nene. 

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