Monday, March 7, 2016

Feeling a bit Blue

As the army has it, its done it again. Taken away another sweet friend of mine. I feel like just as we get close, get into a routine and comfortable its time to start over. I knew this was coming well before but that doesn't mean it made it any easier. My sweet friend Gill who I'd met through work when I first started here is moving / pcsing to Germany with her little family. 
A little back story...Gill and her Hubbs where suppose to pcs to Germany back in the fall of 2014 but her husband ended up coming down on deployment orders. With the arrival of their first baby in March G. decided it was best to move back home to Texas to be around family. Spring of 2015 she moved back to TN and came back to work. It was so awesome to have her back, to say we were all excited was a little lie, we where over joyed. However there was that little debbie downer that hung over us all. Those pcs orders to Germany still stood. Around August- September 2015 time frame Gill took over the 4 year old class so we worked hand in hand. As the days came closer to her last day, reality began to set in that she was really leaving. Gill is one of my closets friends at work and not having her here any more is really hard. It truly breaks my heart. I'm lucky enough to have another friend who I adore and who is also a Milispouse step in and take over her class. I love A and I know we will work great together, we have so much in common. You know though, when your used to one person and the way you two work together and jell it just flows. Here's to the next few months of getting into a routine and flow with A and figure things out together. It hasn't even been a week and I miss Gill already. I texted her on Tuesday and told her it just wasn't the same with out her here. I'll miss my morning Hot Chocolate that she would bring me sometimes, I'll miss our lunch dates and all the stories we'd share. I'll miss her sweet little Cammie and watching him grow. I'll miss picking her brain about life and everything we are both going through. What who am I kidding I'm going to miss everything about her. 
Of course we will stay in touch, we'll still have our chats and even lunch dates via Skype, its just not going to be the same. 

I put together a little going away dinner for Gill with some of the other girls we work with at her favorite Mexican joint here in town and we had the best time. I'll miss our Chips and Salsa Dates for sure. 

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Kirstie @ .I Declare. said...

Oh man. This makes my heart hurt. I am going through this for the first time. I think with the Navy the psc'ing takes a little longer, but friends I have made for the past 3 1/2 years are now starting to leave and I don't know how to handle it! Thank heaven's for modern technology like Skype.