Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

The ending to another fabulous weekend in Paradise. It started off early with dinner on the beach with Sandy at the Ko'Olina Lagoons. We picked up take out at Assagio's Ristorante Italiano which I'd never had before ummmmmm SOOOO GOOD. I think I might have a new favorite restaurant that we will have to be going to. Chatting away, watching the sunset over the ocean with out a worry in the way was the perfect way to end a busy day.

Date night with a few friends was set for Friday night. We met up and off to Dukes in Waikiki it was, Sandy and I along with two of her friends. I'd never been to Dukes either so another first for me as well. Over all it was pretty good food, a tad pricey if you ask me but totally worth it as we had a fantastic evening. Sandy had bought the cutest little "Hello Kitty pins" and had written "Army Wife" on them and gave them to the 3 of us girls as our "award" she called it. I loved that she took the time to do something sweet to show how much she cares.

After dinner I had plans to meet up with Branch and a few other people for drinks at the Yard House. It was a night in Waikiki, liven it up that is. Chatting away and having a grand time I was about halfway through my drink and wasn't so crazy about it any more. That's just when they decided a trip to Dave & Busters was a must. I was all over it, big kid games are you kidding what could be more fun at midnight :) I had not been there since my 16th birthday which was forever ago. My talent on the arcade games showed as well, I totally sucked at the racing games and skee ball was not my thing either, I managed to do OK on basketball but still sucked lol. Everyone was a good sport about it and laughed right along with me.

Saturday Branch and I had plans to hang out and go shopping for a birthday party I was suppose to be going to. We ended up meeting up with T and having lunch with her at Dixie Grill another one of our favorite Dine In's. Ummmm I could eat me some BBQ all day long.

That night we all met back up at the Shack in Mililani for the evening, drinks and a good band playing, was a great way to end the evening. Singing and dancing along with everyone just hanging out, this is the life in paradise lol only if he was here to enjoy it with me. I'm just glad that we are able to share pictures and stories so he doesn't miss a thing.

Sunday I was invited to a Polo Game that was going on out on the North Shore by my friend Diane. I invited T and Branch to come along as well, so with the "COOOOLER" (they make fun of the way I say it) loaded we opened up the tail gate of the truck popped open a drink and kicked our feet up. I hadn't ever really tail gated before nor had I ever been to a Polo Game. This was the last one of the season and it just so happened to be Army vs. Navy. (who ever knew the Army had a Polo team). I think we all got a kick out of people watching more so than we did the game its self. It was sooooo much fun, the weather was just perfect, it wasn't to hot and there was a nice breeze as well. I hadn't laughed so much until today at the different out fits some of the people were wearing. I mean it was as if they had NO clue as to where they were or what they were doing. Some of them were dressed as if they'd just got back from their Easter Sunday gathering and then the other's looked like there belonged on a nude beach. I think we missed the memo on wearing the big sun hats (which don't get me wrong they were super cute) and the boots as well oh and our favorite HIGH HEALS on the beach. I mean really come on. I can't say that I will jump at the next Polo Game and make sure I don't miss it but it was a blast hanging out enjoying a glass of wine in the back of the truck with some great friends.

I ONLY WISH THAT GABE WAS HERE TO ENJOY THE WEEKENDS WITH ME AS WELL. I know he would have had a great time, I can't wait to be able to go on these crazy adventures with him. I miss my partner in crime, my bestie, my lover, my soul mate oh so so much. LOVE YOU BABY AND HURRY HOME.

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

Looks like an absolutely wonderful weekend! I love the Hello Kitty pins too :)