Sunday, October 20, 2013

Snoopy & Lucy go to the SC Fair

 Today was the final day of the SC state fair and we decided to make a girls date out of it. The hubbs was suppose to go as well but with a busy up coming week in the field I have him a pass. lol We had so much fun, road lots of rids, had loads of laughs and enjoyed a yummy corn dog. The fair any were makes for some great people watching and the SC did not disappoint there. Kelly and I hadn't had a girls trip out in a few weeks aside from our runs and so it was great to get out and have some fun. It was much needed after a long weekend. As we were headed to get our yummy corn dog we ran in to one of my other favorite families in the South. I was so excited to see this little Red Head and Lucy was to. They are the best of buds!!! Today was my first full experience of the SC state fair since we've been here over the past two years. I've always loved going, of course the food is my favorite part. We'll def. be going back again next year if we are still here in the south.