Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Years Ago.....

......I married my best friend. Little did I know we would have gone through everything we have gone through in the past five years. I wouldn't trade if for the world though, its only gotten us were we are today. It's made us stronger and more in appreciative of each other than I ever though it would.  We've been lucky enough to have only missed out on being together for one of our anniversaries over the past 5 years, which in the military life that's rare. I know that there will be plenty more in the years to come were we wont be together but until then I'm counting my blessings. 
This year I was at a loss on what to get the hubbs for his anniversary gift. 9 times out of 10 whenever either of us want something we go out and get it ourselves. This is all fine and dandy until a day like today comes along and I'm clue less as to what to get him. I've asked and asked over and over and still come up empty handed. He ended up ordering 5 magazines for his Glock's but I still wanted to get him something that he didn't know about. That's when I decided to go with a hat press, I've been at him to get one forever but he just wouldn't give in. He said he didn't need one and was just fine using the glass cups that he'd been using. Me however not so much a fan, one it looked tacking on the desk in our kitchen and two I didn't like the messy look it left when he was at work and the glasses were just left there on the desk. The glasses left rings around the brim of the hat, he said if was character. Lame. There's a place on post called the Fire House, they do a lot of custom work for the battalions and Soldiers here on Ft. Jackson. I went in to talk to them about what I wanted and placed my order. 
I picked it up yesterday, the day before our anniversary and was more than pleased with it. It took everything I had not to give it to him last night but I held out. This morning while he was still getting ready I went and got it out of the car and put it together with his Drill SGT hat in it. It looks great, I'm so happy no more glass cups on the counter. He liked it a lot and started checking it out right away. I was so glad that he liked it. Check in the box for me this year. As much as I try to figure out what I'm going to get him each year, it always ends up working out in the end. 
Last night while I was cooking dinner the hubbs brought down a large Victoria Secret bag from upstairs. I'm big on waiting to do the gift exchange until the day of, that's just me. Like I said I was in the middle of cooking dinner and wanted to get it done. In the mean time he kept at me to come and open up the bag. Finally I did & while doing so I told him he wasn't getting my gift till the next day. He said that's fine because I still have something else for you. Really talk about totally out doing himself this year, as he always does. It was a comfy pair of PJ's to help me stay warm during these crazy cold winter nights we've been having. I love them, they are so cute and just perfect. 
This morning when I was getting ready he left a small package on the kitchen counter with a card. As soon as I looked at the label on the outside of the package I knew exactly what it was. Every year since we've been married he's gotten me a necklace for our anniversary. So when he asked me what I wanted this year it only seemed fitting to reply with a necklace. What better one than a Living Locket Necklace from Origami Owl, ever since I saw them a few months ago I've been eyeing one. I showed him a few of the charms I liked and left it at that. He came through, not that I though he wouldn't I knew he would. 
The charms included are a pair of flip fops, a running shoe, a boot, a cupcake, a sea turtle, a key with a heart at the end, the number 5, the year 2012 and a yellow ribbon. Dressed and ready for our road trip to Atlanta for the day!!!

To celebrate our Anniversary this year we decided to go to the Worlds Largest Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. It only seemed fitting since we were married in a Aquarium. The Dallas World Aquarium back in Texas, its a beautiful place and our wedding was perfect. I wouldn't of changed a thing. (I might be a little biased though lol). We had heard that the Atlanta Aquarium was comparable to the DWA so we figured it had to be good. We made the 3 & 1/2 hour drive early this morning and got there just after they opened. 
The Atlanta Aquarium wasn't anything like the DWA, they are so different in many ways. I honestly think they consider it the worlds largest aquarium simply because of the size of the building. We weren't disappointed but we didn't love it. We can say we've been but I really don't think we will ever go back. It was neat and I'm so glad we decided to celebrate our anniversary by going. We had a great time and best part is we were able to spend the day together. 
 The Belugas ~ I could of stayed here for hours and watched them swim around they are beautiful creatures. 
Some random fishies we saw through out our day. 
Penguins are so stinkin cute!!! In one of the large aquariums they had some of the biggest sting rays that I've ever seen. 

Jelly Fish!!!! 

 Another wall to wall and over the ceiling aquarium with hundreds of different fish. These are my favorite to look at. 
We had a lot of fun, there was even a live dolphin show we were able to go to. Sadly we weren't aloud to take pictures or video during it. Bummer. That probably was my favorite part of the Aquarium, I'd never seen anything like it before. Its amazing how people can train Dolphins to do the things they were doing. 

After we were done at the Aquarium we made our way over to the The World of Coca Cola Museum . It just so happened to be right next to the Aquarium and was free for Military so we couldn't pass that up. It was filled with loads of history and fun facts. I gave up drinking soda over two years ago but before that I was never a big Coke fan. But the museum was neat in its self. 

I love this guy so much, he does so much for me and I love it!!! 
 Some old vintage posters in the museum. 
This is the vault were the secret recipe of Coca-Cola is held. 
At the end of our tour we were able to take a bottle of Coke that was made right there in the factory. The gift shop at the museum was so big there was a ton of stuff. if I was a Coke fan I would have def. been in trouble, good thing I'm not lol.

We headed out to dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory before making the drive home. We talked about trying something local or different but when we saw they had a CCF we had to go. We don't have one in Columbia, the closest one is about a hour & half away. We're big fans if you can't tell. All in all it was a great day, we both were able to get off from work and spend it together. I still can't believe its been 5 years since we said our "I do's", sometimes it seems like forever ago but then other days it seems  like it was just last month. I can't wait to see what the next 5 years has in store for us or even the next 10, 20, 30 plus years. But as long as we are together I'll be happy as ever!!! It's by far been the best 5 years of my life and I know that the hubbs would say the same thing, 

Happy 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Baby!!!! I love you!!!!
This was us 5 years ago on our wedding day. :) 


*Katie* said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! It looks like y'all had a wonderful time celebrating, and I love the locket he gave you! I'm going to check those out RIGHT AWAY. :) And I heart the Coca-Cola Factory...mostly because I heart Coke. :) Congratulations on the 5 year mark!

E said...

Happy anniversary! The locket looks great! And I didn't know you we're married at the Dallas Aquarium! Love that place!
Great day trip, too! Aquariums and zoos are so much fun to me, also.
Glad you had a memorable and fun day of celebration!

Janna Renee said...

Happy Anniversary! Five years is soooo amazing! PS. I totally just stalked Origami Owl. I'm obsessed.

Deidre said...

Happy Five Year Anniversary! I love that you guys got married in the aquarium! That is so much fun! I love the penguins They're always my favourite part.

Jamie said...

Happy anniversary! I love those origami owl necklaces!