Friday, November 30, 2012

30 days of thanks!!!!

For the past month I've posted on my facebook what I'm Thankful for, for that day. I'm always so Thankful for these things and not just during the month of November but all the time, each and every day. I just thought it would be fun to share them with everyone and remind myself how good of a life I have on those days I start to complain and think I have a ruff life. No I don't live a perfect by any means but it could be a heck of a lot worse. 

30 days of Thanks, 

Day 1 ~ I'm thankfully for my job at EDS. A year ago today I started working there and I've met some amazing people. Can't believe its been a year already.

Day 2 I'm so thankful its Friday but man is it 5 O'clock yet bc I'm done for the day!!!!!

Day 3~ I'm so thankful my husband has had this whole past week off (even if I did have to work) including today, so we're able to do some anniversary celebrating today!!!!! Drill life really hasn't been that bad. (I'm sure ill be eating my words soon on that one) I love you baby!!

Day 4 I'm so thankful for the the few good friends I've made here on Ft. Jackson like Sarah she's always there when I need her!! Thanks Girl!

Day 5 I'm thankful for my wonderful neighbor Larry. He's a retired SGT Major, he & his are so so nice!!! He always takes care of pulling everyones (our entire circle, abt 20 houses) trash cans to the curb and back the next day. Its the little things some times.

Day 6, I'm Thankful for all the friends I've / we've made since joining the military family almost 7 years ago now. :)

Day 7 I'm so Thankful knowing my stresses at work will soon come to a end!!! I can't wait to have my girl back!!! We miss you Alicia!!!!!!

Day 8, As much as I say I'm ready to get out of the South and move on, I really am Thankful for our time here and the people I've gotten to know. Its all part of the Army life.

Day 9, I'm so Thankful that 5 years ago today I Married my best friend, the love of my life. We've been through so much over the past 5 years, things that many people should never have to endure, and never will. I wouldn't have it any other way, its gotten us were we are today. I can't wait to see what this year and the years to come have in store for us. I love you baby Always & Forever & Thensome, Happy 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!!!!!

Day 10, I'm Thankful for the courage I had this morning to get out and try something new and I made a few new friends in the process of taking pictures at hubby's "pick up" this morning which is always fun.

Day 11 I'm so Thankful for all the service men and women who have and are serving. Thank You baby for all you do for me and our country, I am so blessed to be standing beside you and supporting you along the way. Happy Veterans day!!!!!!

Day 12 I'm Thankful for a night home with no plans and nothing to do!!! Its nice to just sit back and relax and not worry about anything!

Day 13, I'm so Thankful & blessed to have such amazing, loving Grandparents. They have been such a blessing in hubby & I's life!!!

Day 14, I'm so Thankful to have such wonderful In-Loves (in-laws) they are simply amazing and go above and beyond for hubby & I. I couldn't of asked for my husband to have had a better set of parents. It's shameful that others don't see how amazing they are!!!

Day 15 I'm Thankful for my co-workers outside of my classroom. I'm able to lean on them when I'm having a day (such as today) and they help get me through it!!

Day 16 I'm so thankful for the weekend and knowing I'm only working one day next week.

Day 17 I'm thankful that I'm able to do a little guiltless pampering on this chilly day. Only wish I had one of my girls here with me. Missin you Spouse, Mistress and Ang.

Day 18 I'm Thankful that hubby & I get to celebrate Thanksgiving together tonight even if it is a few days early ( & he drove all over town with me to find a Pecan Pie!! Love Him!!!

Day 19 I'm Thankful that I'm officially on VACAY!!!!!! yes.again :)

Day 20 I'm thankful that I get to spend the next 5 days in New York City with my mom. 

Day 21 I'm thankful for the wonderful day we've had in the Big Apple!!! I love being back in New York!!!!

Day 22 I'm so Thankful that I was able to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live with my mom & friends today. It's something I've always dream of doing!!

Day 23 I'm thankful that I'm getting to experience New York during the Holidays. (as many of times as I've been here its always been during the summer months.

Day 24 I'm so Thankful that my mom invited me on this trip with her to NYC and we got to spend the past 5 days together in the city!!! I love her so much!!

Day 25 I'm Thankful the hubbs only had to work a half day today & we were able to spend some much needed time together after being away for 5 days. :)

Day 26 I'm Thankful I have no plans to travel for a good good long while!!! It's so nice to just be home sometimes.

Day 27 I'm Thankful to be able to own / drive a fun sporty muscle car, Yes crazy but I love my Challey. Thank You hubby!!!!

Day 28, I'm so Thankful for my family as crazy and out of sorts as they are I'd be lost with out them. I love you all!!!!!

Day 29 I'm Thankful for a random phone call hubby made 6 years ago today. If it wasn't for that call, I don't know that we would be together now. It's been the best 6 years of my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. Happy 6 Year Anniversary (of.being.together) Babe!!! I love you Always & Forever & Thensome!!!

Day 30, I'm Thankful for my Brother Justin. We fought like crazy growing up, I hated his guts at times as I'm sure he hated mine but he's my baby brother (even if he is bigger than me). He's been through hell and back but he will always be my brother and I love him to death. I miss him more than he knows and I can't wait till he is home and this whole journey is behind all of us. I love you bubby, not much longer now!!!!


Brittany said...

I love this! You have so much to be thankful for. Jealous you got to go to NYC! I've always wanted to go. I really like sweet! :)

Janna Renee said...

Yay for New York at Christmas! You are going to LOVE it!

Laura Darling said...

That is so sweet that your neighbor takes everyone's trashcans out!