Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our House Tour!!

I'm absolutely in love with our house, is it my dream house no but its defiantly home sweet home for now. Our dream house will come later once we settle down, get out of the army and start a family. (of course not in that order) Knowing we can do absolutely what ever we want to the house with out having to ask some one first is so nice. Being able to change things if we want is just peachy. I'm so glad we decided to live off post and purchase instead of rent. I have a feeling we are going to be so happy, I mean we already are. I can't wait to have holiday parties, friends over for dinner and get together. Oh the memories we are going to make. Now if only I could get my booty to TN for good we could start on all those fun memories. I went up for a long weekend the first of May when our HHG's were getting delivered and we got the house completely unpacked, set up and everything in place. In just TWO days, you would have though we'd been living the
re for months now but nope. I don't waste any time. Its a cute little 3 bedroom house, (only two bedrooms pictured below, hubbs man room didn't make the photo cut, even though it was unpacked and very well put together.) it looks big from the outside but it truly isn't that monstrous huge. Its just the perfect size for us. I'm loving the back deck area and can't wait to get our table and chair for it. We'll def. be enjoying some lovely summer evenings out there.
Hawaiian Themed Front Entry Way 

Downstairs Half Bath 
Favorite part of my Kitchen,  My Mamaw's Framed Recipes & her Picture. 
Fiestaware Themed Kitchen 

Fiestaware Themed Kitchen

Living Room 
Upstairs Full Guest Bath 
Texas Themed Guest Bedroom 
Master Bedroom 
Master Bathroom and Walk in Closet 
Back Covered Patio Deck and Yard 


Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

I love your colorful kitchen! And I want your guest bedroom! Where did you get the Texas quilt hanging on the wall? Your backyard and deck is to die for. Y'all are going to have so much fun out there!

Nicole said...

It's a beautiful house! I have a lot of friends who would appreciate that Texas room :) You are so lucky to have the big fenced in backyard. Very nice!

Katie said...

Very nice!!!! Loving the deck too!

Stephanie said...

That is so cute! You guest bed turned out awesome!