Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Can't Say Goodbye to you at a Park….

Being of April I was babysitting for one of my favorite families and had a conversation about something on my Southern Bucket List. I knew with Football season over it probably wasn't going to happen. Little did I know that one conversation led to the best surprise a group of parents and co-workers could put together. 

6 of my sweet co-workers put together a little lunch-eon in our classroom. I was so surprised and shocked. I had no clue at all, they completely caught me off guard and it was the sweetest little going away party. (although I'm so excited yet sad about the party coming up this week that some of my parents are throwing for me.)
Everyone made a dish to share, there was so much food & sweet tea. They know the way to my heart!!
About 12:45 Kristen made the comment "I know something you don't know", she just couldn't hold out any longer. She went next door to the other room and next thing I know is they are bringing food over to my room. Jamie said "You didn't think we were going to say goodbye to you at a park did you". 
(the party this coming week is at a park)
We had enough food to probably feed about 10-15 of us. It was so fun to have our own little party in my room. As if food and drinks wasn't enough they out did themselves with gifts to. 
A beautiful necklace and earrings set, Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon Charm and a Monogrammed Cutting Board. Seriously have I mentioned how well they know and love me.
Because food, sweet tea and a few little gifts was not enough they had one more surprise. Remember that conversation I mentioned about my South Carolina Bucket List?! Well M totally out did herself, she told another one of our parents who happens to work at USC about our conversation. 
I wanted to have my picture taken with Cocky before I moved. USC's Mascot!!! Why? I haven't the clue, but living in Columbia you can't help but become a Gamecock fan. It becomes in your blood as much as it's in the locals. They live, breath and sleep Gamecock Country. 
You can imagine my shock and surprise when Cocky came walking into my classroom. It took all we had to keep our voice's down not to wake up the little ones. I had tears streaming down my face, with excitement. To some it may not be that big of a deal, but for me it was. This move from the South to TN has taken a toll on me. I am having the hardest time excepting it. I've built a life here, made friends that have made a lasting impression on me, I have a job at a school that I absolutely love. As much as I'm ready to go and be settled with my husband, I'm going to miss my life here so much. 
Our Director told us we had Cocky for 15 minutes all to ourselves. What were we to do, it was kinda funny at first we all just stood around laughing like a bunch of little school girls. 
We had so much fun joking around, laughing, dancing and offering Cocky Chicken. He didn't take so lightly to the offer. I tell you he plays a great mascot, not once broke character or talked. Even when little Mac woke up he went over and "patted" him back to sleep. I'll remember this day forever!!!! 
And this amazing lady here, Jamie. My YaYa Sister! I can't begin to say how much I love her friendship.

After Cocky hung out with us a bit, he went upstairs were all the Older Hall kiddo's were waiting. They had NO clue why they were up there or who was coming. They were so excited, Clemson vs. Gamecocks rivalry starts at a early age down in the South. I remember my 2nd week at the school I was subbing in the Kindergarten room and one of the little girls asked me if I went for Clemson or Gamecocks. I didn't even really know who was who at that point but if someone was to ask me today, hands down I'd say I'm a Gamecock fan for sure. 
When me and two of the other girls walked in the kids were CHANTING as loud as they could……..
They were loving it, and I couldn't help but think "he's here just for me, all of this was for me". It was such a special day!! A couple of the older hall teachers asked me if I wanted to come work on the Older Hall that afternoon, since after all I was the reason for them being all riled up. lol NOPE, thanks for the offer though. They were so load, our heads were pounding betimes we left. I did have to get a picture with my favorite little man and Cocky though. Future Gamecock right here people. 
I'm really going to miss this place, I've made so many great memories here.
It's not goodbye but rather SEE YOU SOONLY!!! 

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