Monday, June 9, 2014

New School...

After several interviews at various preschools around the area I finally accepted a position at a local preschool as a Pre-K 5 Teacher. I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity that's been given to me. This chance to finally spread my wings and built my experience. I absolutely love love working with kids and being able to experience life with them. Finally getting the chance to expand my experience is really important to me.
I will be in a classroom all to myself, no assistant here. I'm totally fine with that just means I really have to step up my game. I'll have a up to 15, 5 year olds in my care all to myself. Yikes that's a lot'a little ones. Thankfully my classroom is connected by a half wall with the Pre-K 4 classroom and the teacher in there seems to be really great and willing to help me with everything needed. It's always so hard starting over, having to learn new policies and procedures, meet new people, making friends, proving myself and getting the kiddo's to fall for me, learn to trust me and simply have fun with me.
The school is small, much smaller than were I came from at EDS. Its ran completely different as every school is but to come from such a awesome place I can't help but compare. I'm trying not to really I am but its so hard not to.
Another thing I'm having to learn to process and take in every day that I didn't before is "broken families." Believe it or not at the school I worked at before in Cola, there was not but maybe one or two broken families. And there was only two military families that went to the school. So I didn't work with military families or spend my days around children who's parents were away for various reason's. Now don't get me wrong I have worked with military families and their children in Hawaii. But I have never in my life worked with a group of kids that have come from so many broken families, parents that aren't in the picture at all. Children that live with grandparents or even foster care and other relatives. It breaks my heart, why on earth would anyone at all walk out on their child or not do everything in their power to provide a wonderful life for their children. Now don't get me wrong I come from a broken family myself so I am not at all down grading them but to have some of these kiddos tell me "I don't have a mommy," when we are talking about something in class just makes me so sad. I just want to scoop them up and take them home with me.
On the other hand there are a few ever so loving 5 year old's in my class that we refer to as "walking tornado's" and OMG I have to just walk away myself sometimes. I've had one child use multiple curse words in class, another push a chair across the room, kick and hit their friends. Of course they are kids, these things are going to happen but the language is were I drawl the line. Your out the door when you start talking like that.
I'm still learning the routine, the kids, the school, the management, my co-workers, who to talk to and who to watch what I say to as you have to deal with, with every job. It comes with time, time I've got and willing to spare. I'm giving it 100% and putting everything I have into it. My only hope is to leave a lasting impression on these families as I did with my last.
Change is hard, its never easy but I'm embracing it making the most of it!!! But I'd be lying like crazy if I said I didn't miss my EDS family so much. I'll be back, even if its just a visit for now and that's what keeps me going. :)
Oh and well since every girl loves a monogram and we all know I love everything monogrammed, I though I'd share these with yall!!! We have to wear scrubs Monday - Thursday (Friday is bluejeans and our school shirt day) and I'm not all about the prints and patterns on the scrubs so I went with solid colors and MONOGRAMMED them!!!! They turned out perfect and definitely jazzed them up a bit!!!! 


Katie said...

Congratulations on the new job!!! You're gonna do great!

Tamara said...

Love the monogrammed scrubs!

Breanna Faust said...

Congrats girl! Those scrubs are awesome!

Janna Renee said...

Congrats girl! That's fun that you get to have monogrammed scrubs!

Brittany said...

That's great Tiffany!!! Congratulations! Every time I see something monogrammed I think of you. I love it!