Monday, July 7, 2014

Just a little bit of Life Lately!

* When we lived in the South I went home every day for lunch just about. Here in Music City State its not exactly convenient for me to go home for my lunch. I found a great lunch spot down the street from were I work. Its called Dunbar Cave Park. 
There's picnic tables surrounding the lake, a couple different walking / running trails, and some old Caves with lots of wild life full of nature. Makes for some relaxing lunch breaks. 
I've managed to take a couple run's through the trails on my lunch which is the perfect way to clear my head. 

*Hubbs and I went for a random date night drive a couple weeks ago. We kept driving North towards Kentucky and eventually crossed the boarder. Hey who am I kidding we live like 15 minutes away from the state line. Hubbs said he figured we'd head this way and check out the area to see what we could find. Let me tell you we found a pretty darn fabulous Mexican joint. We left stuffed to pieces!! So Bueno!!!! 

*We found a local German Bakery / Deli near down town and decided to stop and check it out one afternoon. We picked up a couple different loafs of bread and made a few delicious bites with them. One of our favorites was Bruschetta. This was a first for me, making homemade bruschetta but it turned out fabulous and we finished the whole loaf off in one night. Not to worry we turned it in to our dinner and I ended up not cooking that night. 
*I made a pit stop on my way home the other evening when I got a FaceTime call from these two beauties!!! I was so excited to see them and talk to them both. Sweet Little Lu is getting so big and really starting to talk so well. Its crazy that she was so tiny when she started in my class almost two years ago now. There may be miles upon miles between us now but I'll always love them to pieces!!! 
*I start most my mornings here before heading to work. I generally get up, get ready, make some toast or a bowl of cereal and enjoy it out on our back deck with the pups. Watching the sun coming up, the birds chirping and the pups running around the yard. Its my "ME" time before my day really gets started away from everything just out our back door. I can't wait to add more flowers, outdoor decor and seating to spice up the deck. Its one of my favorite parts about our new home. 


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Looks like yall are adjusting well!

Brittany said...

YUM! That Mexican food looks so good!!! And you know that means a lot coming from a Texan! ;) Sopapillas are the best.

Stephanie said...

We love going to Dunbar Cave. They are easy enough trails to do with the dogs and is so pretty. And was that bakery Silkes Old World Bread? They have such great specialty items!