Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back on the Streets

After what seemed like a eternity I finally slipped back into my running shoes at the beginning of the month. I took 4 months or so off with the move, stress of finding a new job and finding my grove in TN. Now that things have finally settled down, I've been hitting the pavement regularly and I feel so good about it. I started off short and slow and have built back up slowly. I wake up pack my bag and I don't even think twice about it. Most day's that is. I have been running on my lunch from work and this past week the weather has been pretty great. Not to hot, Not to cold. But the weeks before that its been horrifying hot. I'm trying not to push myself to hard but knowing what I have accomplished in the past makes me want to get back to that point. Sooner rather than Later ideally. One day at a time, One step at a time. I don't want to hurt myself again, training for my half I pulled a ten-dent in my leg which was awful. Friday I pushed through 5 miles straight, of course my time wasn't were it was at my last 10K race but I was pretty pumped with my end results. I've been helping a co-worker / friend over the last few weeks with running. She started off walking a few miles on her lunch, and slowly started running. Started at .5 miles and now she's up to 3.5 miles not straight only stopping once or twice but she's doing fabulous and to know that I've helped her get to were she is makes it all that much more worth it. Running has been a huge stress reliever for me and has helped me in so many ways, starting with feeling better about myself. B (friend from wrk) and I signed up for our first 5K. It'll be my first of the year and her first ever!!! It's not till October, we couldn't find anything sooner in our area. But we are still looking. I'm excited to get back in to racing, no I'll never win top in my age group or anything like that but I love the rush you get from it. And the since of pride from accomplishing each run and race. 
Just a bit of running selfie over load!!! 


Jamie said...

I love all your running shirts!

Stephanie said...

Good job getting back out there. I always find that first time is always the hardest and then everything comes easily after that. I think there should be more 5ks around here!

Brittany said...

So, so proud of you!!! You are such an inspiration. And I swear, you have the BEST collection of tanks!! Sooo many cute ones!