Saturday, June 6, 2015

Graduation Day!

The kiddos and I have been working really hard over the last month or so on our Graduation. They've been great at learning the songs and practicing day after day. I was a ball of nervous going into it. Having never done a graduation before I didn't really know what to expect but knew I wanted it to be just perfect and to make not only the parents / families proud but also my director. The kiddo's and myself took a field trip to our 2nd school location where the graduation was going to be held for a dress rehearsal the day before graduation. It was their first time on a bus and they had so much fun. They where so cute with their little comments and excitement. 
My morning started out super early, I couldn't sleep the night before. Maybe it was my nervous, my mind racing with everything I needed to get done. Maybe it was the fact that I had class before hand and wanted to get my workout in before that. I don't know, but I was up at 5:45 on a Saturday. Work out done, headed to class and then straight over to the location after our break. We had just under 2 hours from the time the first graduation ended before ours started to get in and get the room transformed and set up. Thankfully I had 3 fabulous ladies that really stepped up and helped bring it all together!!! There's no way I could have done it all on my own. 
It all came together perfect, I was so happy with the out come and it looked so cute!! The parents loved it and so did the kids. I got choked up when I had to get up and speak. I wasn't expecting that to happen at all. I didn't prepare or write out my speech, maybe I should have I don't know if that would have made a difference. But I almost broke down in tears, it was an emotional moment for sure. Lots of laughs while the kiddos sang and danced. A few tears shed from the parents during the slide show and many many full bellies later, I'll say it was a very successful day. I'll let the pictures do the talking. (no pictures of kiddos or the actual graduation but the set up it perfect!)

 Couldn't have pulled this wonderful celebration off with out these beautiful ladies I'm so blessed to call not only my co-workers but my friends!!!! 
A bit blurry but I love this picture of B and I. Love her!!!! She puts up with a lot from me and I thank her daily for always being such a wonderful supporter and friend!!! 

And with that the class of 2015 has Graduated and we are ready for a fun filled summer!!


Pamela said...

awww loveeee!

Sarah said...

I love the theme!! The pot centerpiece is so cute. I can't wait to see how you do your kids birthday parties! ;)

Stephanie said...

That is super cute!

Anonymous said...

you did a bangup job, everything is so original and darling. NeNe