Sunday, October 4, 2015

Life Seems to Get in the Way

I do really good for a while and then time slips away. School becomes over whelming. Work, well its getting stressful with state assessment coming up. Things at home are grand, I couldn't ask for better but the house doesn't clean its self and dinner doesn't get cooked unless one of us does it. Don't get me started on the dishes and walking the dogs. Squeeze in there meal planning and prepping, working out and now working on our newest addition the Westy. Simply seems like there's always something going on. I am looking forward to a new month though, we have no big plans this month which is nice. It should be low key, I'm sure we'll take the Westy out a time or two but aside from that its just the two of us hanging out. The hubbs was suppose to go to Ft. Polk for 3 week to help / train at JRTC but thankfully that got canceled and he didn't have to go. We have just a little more than a month until our 8th wedding anniversary. I really can't believe that we have been married for almost 8 years. Sometimes it seems like much longer then other times it seems like we just were married last year. Up until last year we had been together for every anniversary except one. Being apart for 2 out of 8 living the MiliSPouse lifestyle is pretty unheard of but I guess you can say we have gotten lucky. We have a little weekend get away planned to celebrate next month and I'm so excited. We are going somewhere new, somewhere neither of us have been before. I love visiting and trying out new places. 

Here's a little Insta drop on what we've been up to here the last week or so. :)
On our venture down to Louisiana we stopped off at none other than Duck Commander Headquarters its self. Kinda cool to see where all the filming was taken place, although it looks nothing like the show of course. 
Sweet Savvy girl wanted to have a sleep over, so that did. After dinner and walking the pups that evening we went to Berry Bear for some Froyo. :) 
 Sunday morning she joined us on our weekly bike ride, on post for a little adventure. This girl did great and stayed right with us on the 5 mile loop. 
 The night we bought the Westy we stopped a Starbucks on our way home for a little pick me up. I had my first Peppermint Hot Chocolate of the season. Its so tasty!!! 
 I always check the weather temp before I go running in the mornings here lately now that its starting to get chilly in the mornings. This particular morning there was rain in the forecast but not till closer to 7am. Having to be at work by 7:30 I figured I'd make it home well before the rain hit. Boy was I wrong, with just under a mile to go till I was done it started pouring something crazy and I was soaking wet. There was no point in stopping because I'd just have to walk the almost mile back to my house. So I kept going and was literally dripping when I finally reached our front door. 
Every so often everyone as a not so good day and well I had one just the other day. Everything that could have gone wrong or awful did and it wasn't even lunch time yet. I still had the afternoon to go and things weren't looking up with the rainy weather. So off to Starbucks on my lunch break for a little pick me up. 
For our Sunday ride this past week we loaded up the Westy and drove her to post. I love that we can do so much with the Westy, its def. been a great purchase for us. 
That morning after our ride and a family style breakfast we loaded up, in the Westy of course and went to Shade Tree Farm for a little Apple pickin. Sadly the only pickin we did was from the baskets in their little store. The tree's where all picked through but we did leave with a bag full of freshly picked apples. 
What to do with all those Apples you ask?!??! Well Apple Cinnamon Muffins sounded great, and tasted just as good. :) 

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