Saturday, October 10, 2015

Our 1st LBL Camping Adventure

We took the Westy out for our first Camping Adventure this past weekend at LBL also known as Land Between the Lakes. Its a pretty huge recreational area that sits going through TN and KY and yes you guessed it, its surrounded by water. Although just driving through at first you wouldn't know that. There's so so much to do at LBL, this was only our second time out there. The first time was last fall before the hubbs deployed and then we just made a day trip out of it and drove around checking out different areas and what there was to do and see.
At the beginning of the week the hubbs mentioned going camping, kinda out of know where. I though it was kinda odd since we agreed we'd wait till we got the upholstery redone on the inside in a week or so. But hey, I didn't have school that weekend and we didn't really have any other plans so I mean why not. We booked a camp sight not really knowing where it was located and went with it.
Friday since the hubbs was off work he picked up a few things we needed to our little adventure. Also trying to see if could get the stove in the Westy looked at. It runs off propane and we are 100% sure it works and well frankly we don't want to cause any damage trying to start / light it. Not having any luck with the local shops here we decided we'd just get a little camping stove to take along with us. We'd planned on buying one at some point any how, so it worked out. He spent the rest of the afternoon loading up the Westy and getting everything ready, so when I got home I just had to change and we could head out.
On our way there it was raining, it had been raining the whole afternoon but I had hopes that since our camp ground location was on the opposite end of LBL that we'd be fine and that we where it had cleared out just shortly before we arrived. Although since it was the first time driving her out in the rain we did notice a leak in the sky light / sunroof on the top. It wasn't horrible but something we need to add to our todo list for sure.
Once we arrived and set up "camp" we started up a fire and made some dinner. Chicken Noodle Soup it was. We bought on of those packets that you simply add boiling water to and let it cook in the bag for so long and TADA its done!!! We enjoyed our first meal in the Westy followed by Hot Chocolate and S'mores over a nice little camp fire. I set up the inside bed while the hubbs and pups relaxed and took in the night stars. It was absolutely beautiful out there, so calm and peaceful. It was so nice to be away. We had no cell phone reception which was nice because we where able to disconnect from the world and really spend time with each other.
I'm the mean on between the two of us, I wouldn't let the pups sleep with us that night. I mean come on the bed is pretty much the size of a full size bed and when you have a 115lb dog and a 45lb dog plus the two of us that's quite a bit on one bed. We turned the passenger seat around and Dingo slept up there and I brought a old blanket and Bailey slept on the floor. Everyone made out fine and they didn't seem to butt hurt. Plus I really wasn't wanting them on our brand new bedding we had just bought. The hubbs took the night shift in letting them out to potty, because you know they just had to go. So, I kindly got kicked out of bed for the morning shift to take them out, and boy was it chilly. Lucky for him I had to use the restroom myself so other wise I would have not gotten my butt up outta bed.
We spent the morning making breakfast over our little camp stove and enjoyed the crisp fall air. Shortly after breakfast we decided to take the pups on a little walk about the camp grounds and explore the area some more. It was such a beautiful place, and the views of the lake at some of the camp sites where amazing. We definitely made note on a few sites we'd like to book in the future. After our walk we lounged around a bit, the hubbs rode his bike up to local store to check it out and over heard one of the workers about a walking trail. So we decided to leash up the pups again and take them for a walk. They did really good and lucky for them got in lots of extra exercise through out the day. Once we got back to our campsite I decided to fix lunch, Guacamole Shredded Chicken in Pita Bread with a Apple / Grape Salad. It was so tasty!!!! The hubbs decided he was going to be lazy and take a nap so I went for a nice little bike ride around the camp grounds, checking out the other side that we hadn't walked. 45 minutes later I finally made my way back. That's when the hubbs decided he was gonna go for a ride. We could have gone together but We really didn't wanna leave the pups alone in the Westy. I took advantage of the bed to myself and took a little nap. It was the best, I just laid there with the door open and even let the pups lay on the bed with me. Shocker I know!! When he got back he had the wild idea to go get ice cream at the general store up the road. We made it a family outing and the pups walked up with us, I had brought with us some special treats for them so I took a couple with us so they could enjoy something while we where eating our ice cream.

We lounged around a bit more that afternoon, played with a wooden airplane the hubbs had bought and decided we head back that evening, instead of early in the morning as planned. (hubbs had to be in Nashville super early Sunday morning) Not before dinner over our campfire, Chili Hot Dogs. I couldn't even tell you the last time I ate a hotdog, let alone a Chili Hotdog. Not my thing but there's something about camping that brings them out and makes it ok to eat. Of course since we had a fire going we had to make up some S'mores. It's not a camping trip without stuffing your with the yummy goodness of chocolate and marshmallows smushed and melted between two graham crackers.

It was the perfect way to end our much needed relaxing little get away.
We even took a different way home that evening so we were able to see a new to us part of KY and it was such a beautiful drive. I can't wait to go back out camping and for all the fun adventure we have ahead of us in our Westy!!!! 


Sarah said...

You're making me want a westy of my own! I've always dreamed of taking a cross country trip in a giant RV.

I went horseback riding at LBL and it was so gorgeous. I wish I still lived there so we could have adventures like that together!

Anonymous said...

The park looks beautiful and I love the Westy, looks so cozy and comfortable, you picked ideal weather for your adventure, Love, NeNe

Anonymous said...

I love the bedding, so cheerful. Love, NeNe