Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kauai Coffee Company & Museum

I wahi kope nau? ~~~ Will you have some coffee? ~~ "in Hawaiian"

We made a stop at the Kauai Coffee Company for a look around. I don't drink coffee myself but Gabe does. We found some really good pancake mix as well that we just had to have and grabbed a couple bags to take home. On the patio you could sample many of the different types of coffee they had available and I think Gabe had a little sip of everyone.

The museum exhibits coffee artifacts from the past as well as a video presentation describing how they grow, harvest and process the coffee grow in Kauai.

We also managed to stumble across the Kauai Museum which was a neat experience in its self. They had artifacts from hundreds of years ago and even things they used today still. Camera's were not aloud in the museum it's self but it was nice to learn alittle but more about the history of the island and how things were in the past. Some of the house's we drove past while driving through the Canyon were displayed in pictures at the museum from decades ago when they were very first built.

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