Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here is a bit of randomness that has been going on lately in my journey through this deployment. Nothing to exciting just taking it each day at a time. Hoping time will start to speed up a bit more here in the next few weeks. I have been staying busy with work during the day and friends in the evenings and on the weekends which I'm loving. I am SOOO happy that i decided to stay here in Hawaii for the deployment. Things have just worked out perfect in every way possible. Not saying its been a easy ride but I'm truckin along. I have so much to look forward to just to get to the end of the year and that is what is keeping me going right now :)

September 30th ~ My lil Brothers 22 birthday
October 4th-8th ~ Spirit week @ work
October 11th ~ Holiday from wrk
October 25th -29th ~ Spirit week @ work
October 31st ~ Happy Halloween
November 9th ~ 3 Year Wedding Anniversary & NO WORK
November 25th ~ Happy Thanksgiving & My Mamaw's birthday ~ No work
November 29th ~ 4 Year Anniversary of being together
December 7th ~ Pearl Harbor day NO WORK
December 22nd My Mommas bday
(MIL ~ comes in town at some point around here)
December 24th & 25th ~ CHRISTMAS EVE & CHRISTMAS ~ NO work


~beachin it up for Tara's birthday~

~zoo day w/ Sandy & the girls~

~rockin the stroller~

~Kyla & I enjoying a afternoon out~

~happy halloween to my love~

~3rd platoon gets halloween goodies as well~

~ready man for spirit week @ work~

~i love looking at the hawaiian sky~

~dinner & margarita night @ Sandy's~

~sunset beach~

~liven the good life~

~i can never get enough of the beach & ocean~

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

Way to keep yourself busy chickadee...and it looks like you have many wonderful days to look forward too :)