Wednesday, October 6, 2010


~Outback w/ Sandy & Emmi~

I love getting together with friends for dinner and I love even more having people over and doing dinner here at the house. My friend Julie and I have been doing dinner through the deployment once a week at my house. Normally i'll cook and we will chow down on our dessert, which usually is Chocolate Covered Stawberries. A time or two we will go out to eat and treat ourselves. Such as last Friday we went down to the Cheese Cake Factory in Waikiki to celebrate a friend graduating from WLC and my little brothers 22 birthday. (Even though he wasn't here)

I have also been enjoying many home cooked dinner nights with my sweet German friend Sandy at her house. In the middle of it all I am meeting some really great new friends and growing closer to the ones that I have already. I wouldn't ever wish a deployment on Gabe and I ever but one thing I am getting out of it, is i'm definetly growing closer to the friends I have made here on island. I miss being able to cook for the two of us, so having friends over and cooking for them is always loads of fun. Last night we had Chicken Tamale Casserole, Green Bean, Rice, Salad, Banana Pie and Zebra Brownies with of course some SWEET TEA. We can't do dinner with a house full of southern people and not have sweet tea.

I'm looking forward to next weeks dinner get together with everyone (it keeps growing and more people are starting to come which is always fun) its gonna be a Kalua Pork night :) Can't wait. I really wish the love of my life was here to join with us with the dishes as well. :)

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