Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haunted Houses

Over the last couple weekends a few of us have gotten together and went to the different Haunted Houses they have on island. It was so much fun, I missed being able to go with my friends and family back on the mainland. It's the start of the big Holiday season and it always helps get me in the Holiday mood. Although it's not cold at all like it is back on the mainland, its still just as much fun. I've managed to capture a few snaps here and there of our adventures out and about.

The first weekend we went to the Haunted Lagoons @ the Polynesian Culture Center. As you board a 40 person canoe and ride along the lagoons of the Polynesian Culture Center you will have several people jumping out at you from under the water or out from the bushes. You go through what seems to be a tunnel of smoke leading up to the next adventure. Beware because you WILL get wet. It wasn't so much scary if you are sitting midway to the back of the canoe because the people in front would give away by screaming that something was coming. It was a great time though and I'm glad I was able to go.

The second weekend we went to the Haunted Plantations. We started the evening off at Chili's for drinks. It was a much longer wait this time so we opted for the fast pass which still seemed to be a long wait just a shorter line. We were sprinkled on, on and off while waiting and that only made the time go by a bit slower. While waiting in line at one point they had a bunch of the "cast" come out in the lines and scare people and they even had chain saw. Of course there was no chain on it but that didn't matter it scared the living crap out of me. Walking through the plantations we went through a series of houses that were super spooky. A note to keep in mind : when you reach the end be sure not to run straight ahead from the people cashing you because there is a pound at the end and you don't want to run right into it.

The third haunted house was Nightmares Live. It was downtown in Honolulu in a old warehouse right off the street. They had allot going on from food booths, to buying pumpkins and rides for the Kekies. We got there pretty early this time and managed to get our tickets and get in line before 7pm. (which is when it started) Walking through a series of room with people coming out at you from every corner was a bit creepy. The couple behind us was totally freaked out by the clowns which was totally priceless. It was a allot shorter than I though it would be but we still had a great time.

I love this time of year and only wish my love was here with my to join in on the fun. We have yet to spend a Halloween together. Oh may be next year we will :) fingers crossed.


Elettra said...

You have done so many wonderful experiences, congratulations, we will enjoy following your blog

♥ Annie ♥ said...

I LOVE Haunted Houses!! I went to one on the mainland and nearly peed my pants...haha :) Hopefully you and Gabe will get to spend Halloween together next year.