Sunday, October 24, 2010

SkyDive Hawaii take #2

Our friend A. is turning 30 and wanted to celebrate in a BIG WAY. What better way than to get a group of your friends together and go jump out of a plane. I was so excited when the invite went out. I mean I love love this couple more than ever and couldn't wait to hang out with them and then to go sky diving again on top of that. Hell yea i'm totally in :)

They had the whole back area set up at SkyDive Hawaii with tables and chairs, we all brought a dish and even had a grill. Burgers, dogs, chicken you name it, it was all there. I knew a hand full of people that were there which made me a bit more nervous about jumping. About 12:30ish my friend Tara showed up and we were able to switch planes around so I could be on the same one with her and that made things alittle easier and less stress full.

I was so excited and pumped to jump again and just couldn't wait. I got all harnessed up and my heart wasn't even racing yet.

I boarded the plane and we took off and then that's when it hit me that I was really doing this AGAIN. I told Wyatt (my jumping buddy) that I couldn't do flips or lots of turns because last time I almost got sick. So do you think he listened to me at all......NO. As we are getting higher in the air Wyatt asks me if I wanna go out frontwards or backwards....."ummmm I don't know which is worse" I ask him. He says "well if you go out face first you see what is coming and if you go out back first you don't know WHATS coming." OH DEAR LORD, what have I got myself into again. So the time has come and every one is "jumping plane" (prior to us boarding I told him "I don't wanna go first and I don't wanna go last") well guess who's turn it is finally US. Yup that's right we went last, not on purpose just so happened to be the way we all got on the plane and sat down.
As we walked to the door Wyatt turns around with his back to the door and counts to 3 and BAM. There we go flipping out backwards doing flip after flip. It was sooooo incredible I loved every minute of it. It felt like we were free falling allot longer this time around than the first time. I don't know if it was because I kind of knew what to except or what. Once he pulled the shoot he handed me the cords to steer and turn us around in circles. It was allot harder than I though it would be, you really have to put some mussel in to it.

I had so much fun though and can't wait to go back again. YUP again, I'm going with my favorite Sarah and her husband and one of our other friends N. this next Saturday. I tried getting them to come today but N already had plans, so next weekend it is. It was definitely a great way to spend the day. Chatting up with some great friends and grilling and just relaxing in paradise on a nice sunning Saturday ......oh and jumping out of planes of course.
I managed to get it videoed this time and love it :)

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

That's such a cool way to celebrate a bday :)