Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My FIRST Fried Egg!!!

Apparently its un-american to have not made or eaten a fried egg at the age of 27. So what if I had to ask how to make one. You can't blame a girl who's never tried right. When it comes to eggs, scrambled or in a omelet is the only way I've ever had them. Ok and boiled to but still. I've never made a Fried egg until tonight. While fixing dinner the recipe suggested serving it topped with a fried egg. No thank's I'll pass. Although I asked the hubbs if he wanted one and he was all over it. Ok, "so how do I make it". He explained, I was still not to sure about how it was gonna turn out but I gave it a try. I'll have you know it wasn't as complicated as I expected it to be. Shocking right!!! 
I'll have you know I caught a bid of slack for not even trying it from a few friends. But really the inside was runny and not fully cooked, that's just as bad as eating steak and it still being red on the inside. 
Yea NO thank you. I like my steak burnt. 
Dinner turned out fabulous even with out the egg on mine, there wasn't a single serving left. 
This was hands down a quick and easy dish and very filling

You can find the recipe here ----->>>>Pesto Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Asparagus

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Brittany said...

Ummmm YUM. I loved fried eggs! Zach likes his on a cheeseburger...weird but actually tasty!