Friday, February 28, 2014

2-60th Battalion Ball

We had our Battalion Ball / Dining Out this evening and we'll it was a nice evening out but it didn't last long. It started at 6:00pm (we arrived just after 6pm) and we were on our way home by 8:30pm. Our Ball that we went to in HI after the guys got home from Iraq was so much fun, the guys all had a blast. There was so much cutting up, story telling and drinks, catching up with everyone, meeting new people, did I mention drinks. Tonight was NOTHING like our last ball, there was about 100 people give or take a few. I was looking forward to tonight all up until we arrived at the venue. When we found out we had assigned seating that we had not choice in whom we wanted to sit with. So needless to say we were set with several other couples who I had no clue who they were. Talk about awkward. Seeings that it wasn't a formal, formal event I opted to save money and do a simple bun and a little black dress I had already had. It worked out perfect and the hubbs loved it. I'll say that was a win. 
I was awarded for the volunteer work I have done within the Battalion for our Company. I knew I would be getting recognized and that was the whole reason we went. Truth be told the hubbs had no desire to go at all. He's so over being here with this unit and the people he works with. I'm quite certain if he doesn't see most of them again he'd be just fine. 
I enjoyed getting dressed up with my love and going out for the evening even if it was just for a couple hours. The Color's & Flags were presented, a guest speaker spoke, the grog was mixed and poured, dinner was served and finished, awards & recognitions were giving and the retiring of the colors were done all in a matter of about a hour and 45 minutes. I got talked into doing the Cupid Shuffle (which really didn't take much convincing lol) and then we said our good byes and headed out the door. We both had a long day at work and were just ready to get home and relax. 
Absolutely love this girl, only wish they would have gotten stationed in the South sooner. Thank goodness we'll always have each other from here on out!!! That's the good thing about the Army Life, friends become FAMILY. 
All in all it was a good evening out, I'm glad we went. I did meet a few new people, had some good conversations and not to mention I got to see my handsome Drill SGT in his Blues. Always a bonus. 

We came home to this yummy goodness awaiting us for dessert. It was the perfect way to end our evening. You simply can't go wrong with Strawberry Cake, even if I did make this one from the box. shhh don't tell. 


Katie said...

So pretty girly! Love your dress!

Iv been to a ball like this one that was kinda disappointing. We did what you guys did and left early too. Hopefully next year will be better. YAY for the award tho!!! :)

Janna Renee said...

I'm so jealous! We won't have a ball for like ever. You look gorgeous!!