Saturday, March 15, 2014

Class Canvas's

 For our school Spring Art Auction each class is given canvas's for each child. These are then placed up for purchase as the School's Spring Art Auction at $15.00 each. I think they are pretty priceless it you ask me, although I might be a bit partial. The canvas's are yours to do with as you wish and must be 100% the child's art work. Well since our kiddos are a bit to small to do it all themselves we of course have to help them. And since I'm super anal when it comes to our class art project's, I make it a priority that our canvas's are perfect. This year we went around and around on what we were going to do. I like sticking with a theme were each child's is the same just personalized to them. I originally wanted to take the easy way out and just do the same design that we did last year. But one of my assistants wasn't crazy about that idea. Not that they weren't cute, they were adorable but she suggested we do something different and I'm so glad she did. On one of my late night dates when it was just me and the Macbook I came across this idea on FB. A friends mom's actually posted it and tag another teacher friend in it. I just loved it and though it was so fitting for our class. I showed my assistant teachers and they loved it as well. We got to work that next day on them and were done within less than a week. Once we settle on a theme or idea we don't waste any time getting them done. My afternoon assistant is extremely talented when it comes to her hand writing and we've deemed her the writer of the class. Her work is just beautiful, thank goodness she enjoys it. Other classes were still working on them up to the week of the Auction.  I was so excited for our parents to see them. It was so hard not to show them when they came in. The different teachers I showed just loved them.
*Spring Art Auction evening verdict, everyone LOVED them and we got endless comments on how everyone though they were so cute. Definitely one of my favorite parts about the Auction. I'm going to miss doing them next year for sure. #bittersweetmove


Stephanie said...

Those are adorable!

Jenna Morgan said...

Very creative, you did an awesome job & I love the way Bobbie did the names. She has a very pretty handwriting. :o)

Janna Renee said...

Awww so darn cute!! Seriously...just imagining those little feet.