Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lastest DIY Projects

In our new house (which I've still yet to share on here, soon soon) we will officially have a guest bedroom. We have always had a 2 bedroom house both in Hawaii and in the South. Perks of living on post I guess, or down fall really. So the 2nd room was the Hubbs gun room / office which shared a futon were our guest stayed when they came to visit. Our new home in TN has 3 bedrooms and so we finally are able to have a proper guest bedroom and the hubbs still has his gun room. 

I had been looking for a queen mattress and box springs for the room on line but didn't want to pay full price because I know its not going to be used all the time. The plan was to get rails and then I was going to use pictures as a headboard. I found someone selling a new set of mattresses on the Ft. Jackson Trash and Treasure's FB page and when I went to check them out she told me I could have the bed frame as well. Although it needed a bit of work I jumped on it because it looked great! 
The plan was to sand it completely down and repaint it. I've always wanted a white bed for some unknown reason but the hubbs doesn't like white furniture. This worked perfect, I got my white bed just in our guest room. What I didn't realize when we started this was how much work it was going to take. Getting in and out of every little square with the sander and then painting in each square. Talk about time consuming and tedious. But I love the way it turned out and I can't wait to see how it looks in the guest room. 
 Going along with the guest room I needed / wanted night stands. I've had these 2 old stools for a while now that I bought off the Ft. Jackson Trash and Treasures page for our down stairs desk before we bought our new kitchen table. My go to is pinterest, of course its everyone else's to. I found a similar idea to these using a stool converting it into a night stand but my sweet Spouse (Sarah) found this idea and she sent it to me. It will go along with the theme of the room great so I went for it. Painting the stools and tops were a piece of cake. The hubbs screwed on the tops and then I did the "shelves". That was time consuming and so messy but I love the way they turned out. Although I wish the table top would have covered the entire stool seat, I couldn't bring myself to pay $20 for the bigger one and to be honest I think it would have been to big. 
I can't wait to get settled in our new house and get everything decorated and set up. I started off wanting to get all new of everything and since then I've regrouped and changed that idea and have enjoyed redoing some projects and making things into my own. It saves money for sure and it gives me something to do, not to mention makes our home unique. 


Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Military men and their guns! A group of my girlfriends and I had a talk about this not too long ago! Gotta love FB sites. We have a great one here in Monterey, and I'm hoping that I can find another good one once we move out to Pennsylvania this summer. I have a lot of ideas for decorating our new house, but not as big of a budget! :-)

Stephanie said...

I love both of them! White furniture does look awesome, but sadly we will never have it due to our dark haired dogs. Too messy! That stool to nightstand redo is genius!

Pamela said...

Love the stool!

Janna Renee said...

I've been a DIY fool too! I feel so much more accomplished when I do it myself. Great job!