Friday, April 4, 2014

3rd Times a Charm, Right?!?!?

In this case yes it is. 2 weeks ago the hubbs started the train-up for EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) The 3rd week was testing week. See he'd gone and tried out twice before, once when we lived in Hawaii and once since we'd been here. Sadly enough though for one reason or another he didn't pass and we re-cycled. This week was a big week, he HAD to get it. I mean it was his time for sure!!! Monday was the PT Test and all went well. The rest of the week was spent at the range. He texted me when he had completed each day to let me know he was still good to go. Tuesday he passed the lane day, Wednesday he passed the lane day with one "no go", Thursday he passed the lane day. I prayed and prayed ALL day every day. It was his time, It just had to be. He wanted this so bad. Friday was the last event. A 12 mile road march in full gear, with a 8lb rifle and a 35lb ruck sack along with 100oz of water in his camelback. This had to be completed in 3 hours, which as a 15 min mile pace. I honestly wasn't to worried about today but deep down I was hoping with every ounce that he would make it through. Friday morning he left the house around 3:30am to meet up at the starting point by 4:00am. The road march started at 4:30am and they had to be complete by 7:30am. I took the morning off work to attend the Graduation. I wanted to make sure I was there, to show my support and let him know how proud I am of him. I was up getting ready and it was about 7:15am, and I still hadn't heard from him. I was planning on making my way to Post Headquarters were Graduation was being held regardless if I'd heard from him or not. He had 15 minutes to make it through the road march, He couldn't come this far and not make it. I was a nervous wreck all week as well as was he but this morning I was sitting on pins and needles waiting. Finally about 7:20am I got a text from the hubbs saying HE MADE IT. I was so happy he was finally getting his EIB pined on. It was over and he'd never had to go through the course again. I was and am one proud wife, he's such a strong Soldier and never gives up!!! 

Out of 72 Infantrymen that started the course only 24 of them ended up completing it. That's about average, its apparently a pretty hard core course to go through. He was so sore and tired after he was done. He said every part of his body was hurting, poor guy couldn't even walk normal. I mean I'm sure I wouldn't be able to either if I'd done something like that. 
During the Ceremony…front row right side, 2nd from the end. 
All that hard work for this blue rife EIB pin!!! It really is a big deal!!!! 
His CO, CPT Campbell and 1st SGT Jones came out to show there support and congratulate him!!! 
So glad I got to be there and pin him!!! Love this man with all my heart and so proud of everything he's accomplished during his army career up to this point!!!! 
ummmm, That face!!! What a handsome fellow!!!! So Proud!!!!!! 


Katie said...

YAY!!! Thats awesome that he stuck with it! Congrats to him!

Jenna Morgan said...

Congratulations Gabe!!

Jamie said...

That's awesome! Congrats to him!

Stephanie said...

That's awesome! Tom went through this last fall. The course people changed several rules once they started the event like the amount of no-gos allowed. Only 6 people out of the entire brigade passed the entire week. It was a tad ridiculous.