Wednesday, December 23, 2015

-16 goals for 2016-

Making Goals sounds so much more do able than Making a New Years Resolution. I'm all about having goals, writing them down and having a visual to help keep myself accountable. So here in no particular order at all are my 16 goals for 2016. I'm hoping that by setting realistic goals for myself I will be able to maintain them and keep up with what I have set out for myself in the new year. So here's to 2016 and everything it has ahead to offer.

1) Be more mindful / careful about spending money. Ask yourself do you really need this, must you have to have it.

2) No eating out during the work week. Which includes stopping for a drink or snack. Sticking to my planned packed lunches. (I'm pretty good at this already, but I do allow myself a treat here and there)

3) Putting $50.00 - $100.00 from my weekly check into savings on top of what we already put in there. Sticking to our savings plan.

4) Work out at least 5 days a week. One day being a weekend day, and never miss a Monday. On top of my normal routine, Run at least twice a week and bike at least once a week.

5) Make a point to walk the dogs every day, unless its raining.

6) No eating out during the month or January unless it's a special occasion.

7) No eating out for dinner during the work week, unless its a special occasion. Making sure I have something planned and prepped for dinner every night.

8) No sweets during January. (Continue on month by month)

9) Getting off my phone and computer more and being a more present Wife / Spouse.

10) Being better about sending cards for birthday, anniversary and just because to family and friends.

11) Take the test I need to take in order to finish school and continue on.

12) Pay off our USAA card, again.

13) Get to my goal weight by my birthday in April and continue to maintain it going forward.

14) Make time for us, make time for date day's / night's. Doing something new; in or out of the house.

15) Finally get our Holiday Card / Letter book put together and Finish framing and hanging the pictures and prints I have printed that are simply sitting around still.

16) Staying on top of the house, keeping it picked up and clean and put together. I'm a super OCD, Crazy Neat Nut when it comes to our house already but sometimes the upper level can get a little neglected. 

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