Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wrapping up 2015

Of course it wouldn't seem right if I didn't do one last "dump" post before the year was over would it now. I've had a few pictures and drafts waiting for a place on this here blog of mine for a good minute and well I just haven't had the time or energy to sit down and put the words together. So here you go, the last little bit of 2015 and how we spent it.

*Early December we went to the Hubbs Battalion Ball down in Nashville. We ended up staying the night down there and had a great evening out with friends.
*The morning after the ball we went to breakfast at Biscuit Love. I'd been wanting to try it for a while now and well it was tasty, I have to say its not some where I'd rush back to.
*While the hubbs was at a match I took advantage and tagged along. After dropping him off I headed into town to check out the Franklin Factory and Market. I picked up some tasty 100 layer donuts and some Bison for our Christmas Dinner.
*I'm in love with our new fire place mantel picture. I had originally planned to put it over out bed but I just love it here.
*It just wouldn't be a complete holiday with out some freshly made Gingerbread loads and a Candy Cookie Cake for our work New Years Eve Pot Luck.
* I hadn't been to a match with the hubbs recently so I decided to tag along this particular day. Bonus we had lunch in Nashville and did a bit of window shopping.
*Our first ever date way back in 2006 was to "Ice" at the Gaylord in Texas. When I found out last year that they did it here at the Opryland Hotel & Resort I told the hubbs we had to go. We enjoyed it and had such a great time.
*My childhood puppy I had before moving to Hawaii was adopted by my best friend Ang. we found out late on Sunday night that she ended up having to be put to sleep. She had, had so many problems of the years but lived a long long life!!!
*Right in the mist of preparing dinner one evening after work our power went out. We decided to take the pups on a walk to give it time to come back on but no such luck. Out to dinner we went and ruffly two ours later when we returned there was still no power. I decided it was the perfect time to watch a movie on my computer.

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