Saturday, December 5, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree.... Oh Christmas Tree... How Lovely are your branches. 

We knew we wanted to take the Westy to pick out our tree this year but it was just finding the right time. Last weekend we had planned on going but it was so rainy and ugly out we decided not to. This morning I made us a tasty breakfast that included biscuits, sausage and gravy. We decided we would wait around to till the mail came to see if our Odometer came in that we had sent off to be repaired before heading out. No point in putting the dash back together if it was going to come today. Sadly no such luck. So the hubbs screwed everything back into place and we headed out. It was the perfect day. The temperature was just right, it was nice not to have to bundle all up like we live in the Arctic. 
So we headed out early this afternoon to a local Christmas Tree Farm, Lazy Spread Farms to pick out our perfect tree for this years Holiday Festivities. This is the 2nd year now that we've picked out a real tree and I absolutely love it. 
We took our time, looked around the farm at all the tree's before settling on the perfect one. It's just right!! I can't wait to get it inside and all decked out!! It's the last thing we have to do, to have our house perfectly decorated for the man in the big red suit to come visit us. 

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Sarah said...

Where's Lazy Spread Farm? We could never find a good Christmas tree place!