Sunday, February 10, 2013

Loven Life Lately!

Seriously is she not the cutest puppy you've ever seen. She's such a lazy over sized lap dog, or at least she thinks she is. I love her though and would be lost with out her. 
Last Friday the hubbs got off work before me and headed down town to pick up a late night dessert. Seriously love this man he's perfect!!!! 

There's no sleeping in on Saturday mornings when the hubbs is off work. Up and at it bright and early at the range for some shooting. It was 37 degree's out and we were freezing our booties off but he was enjoying every minute of it. 
Later that afternoon we went to Whole Foods to pick up a few things to make dinner. The hubbs is on a huge Bison kick and frankly I'm not a fan. However I sucked it up and went along with it, happy husband = a happy wife right. He helped me fix everything up and then ditched me to do the dirty work when his buddy came over. That's ok I don't mind. 
Bison Enchiladas with a side of Mexican Rice. They weren't to bad, I just can't get past the chewiness of the meat. He says its because its more Gamy then other meats. 

Everyone loves a FABULOUS Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Including a bunch of Drill SGT's when they are stuck out in the field for a week. Any reason to see my hubbs while he's away working. :) 
Wednesday night Strength Class at Jamie Scott Fitness, with my fabulous running partner as the teacher. She really knows how to push you and give you a good work out. Can't wait till next week to go again. Building my lower body and cross training, doing what's best!!!!

Thursday one of my kiddos got sent home from school because she was sick. No Bueno. Her daddy was out of town and her momma had a big work meeting to attend. The hubbs was off work and so kindly agreed to sit with her while her mom went to her meeting. I went over to her house on my lunch and took him lunch and checked up on them. He is so good with Luc. and is going to make a great dad it we ever decide to go down that road. While I was there I asked him "are you going to be good changing her if you need to" he replied with "well it cant be that hard to figure out" Ok, so you've got this handled it looks like and I headed back to work. 
Did I happen to mention I'm going home soon :) Well if not I AM!!! TEXAS HERE I COME!!!!! 
And I can't wait. I'll be spending my Spring Break HERE (below) at our River house and on our Boat. I can't wait to go skiing, lay out on the beach and just be back on the water again. Its been to long since I've been down to our house and I am so looking forward to going again. Not much longer now and I'll be on a jet plane headed home. Best part is I get to spend the whole time with my little not so little brother!!!! 
Saturday run day!!!
 Pushing out a fabulous 6.2 miles today back in my minimalist shoes. I think I finally figured out what was causing my leg pain. :( To bad I didn't figure it out sooner, but as they say better late than never right. Come to find out I was fitted wrong with the shoes I was wearing. I went from minimalist shoes to fully supported, motion control shoes. With my bad ankles that have no arch at all (I'm 100% flat footed) and no support this put a lot of strain on my legs. Mainly my left one, shin splints turned in to stress fractures and mega horrible blisters which were no fun. I decided to change things up today and try out my old shoes and HELLO WORLD I'M BACK. 
100% difference and I felt even better after. Long story short I took my Asics back to Fleet Feet that I bought about a month ago and was refitted in a pair of Brooks PureFlow. They are minimalist shoes and feel great, I'm so happy I made the switch. I am however going to finish my training for my half marathon (and run my half) in my original minimalist shoes because I'm use to them. With a month left I don't want to cause any problems or stress on my legs and not be able to give 100% come race day. After that I'll go for the switch. 
My new KICKS - I've joined the Brooks fan club. They didn't have anything with pink so I jazzed them up with my pink Lock Laces. Loving them already and can't wait to switch over after the Half in March. :) Any other Brooks fan out there????

Today Sunday, was a hill training day. Now that we are nearing the end of our training we have to start stepping it up. This afternoon K and I met up and tackled two hills multiple times. We started off with a quick run over to were we were going to be training. We then took it full speed ahead up 3 times, bringing it to a slow walk at the top and then back down the hill to do it again. We did this same hill 3 times before running around the block to bring it up a total killer hill. (I'll have to take my phone with me next time to get a picture) We pushed it out and ran the whole way up and back to her house with out stopping. It was a great 3 mile recovery run after our run yesterday. 

How was your week, what about the week before last?? We haven't really had anything to exciting going on. The hubbs unit Graduated this past Thursday so we are officially on cycle break till March 1st. Hello!!!!!!!! We don't have anything big planned but some much needed down time for the hubbs which is well deserved. Lots of training and running here for this girl, I know it will all pay off in the end. 
New Year New Me!!!!!


Janna Renee said...

I am LOVING my Nike's. They are tight around the middle of the foot, and I find that really helps me. I will check into Brook's for my next pair, though. Yay for the hubby being on a break! He definitely deserves it and you deserve more time with him ;)

Colby said...

Yay for a trip home!! I am heading home in March too. I can't WAIT! good luck with your training this week.

Kym said...

I'm a big fan of Brooks running shoes...I won't ever go back to any other brand! It was instant love of the feet. Haha :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You've been up to so much! It will be nice to go home soon!

Kym said...

Now I'm your newest follower! :)

Pearls and Prosecco said...

Came across your blog and just wanted to say hello! I love finding fellow mil-spouse bloggers :) I LOVE the keep calm and bake on sticker that's on your kitchenaide!

Nicole said...

Hello, my name is Nicole. I just found your blog and happy I did. I am a military wife as well and love connecting with other milspouses through blogging. Looking forward to learning more about you!


Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! x

Brittany said...

you have the most amazing tennis shoe collection! and the CUTEST mixer ever! i'm still in love with it! and cupcakes...yummmm, those look delish. Bison?! really? they look so good but i'd be scared to try them!