Friday, August 2, 2013


Going home was bitter sweet but it was great to visit with and see my family that I miss so so much!!!! 

Bubby and I went to visit my dad the day after I got home. He had a hip-replacement 17 days prior to this picture and he's already back to driving and doing yard work and talking walks around the neighborhood. Nothing holds him back!!!! 
Bubby and I with Cali girl, his Pit!!! I absolutely love my little brother to pieces and would do anything in the world for him. He went through a really really though time a couple years back and he's been doing great here the last 7 months and I couldn't be a prouder big sis. 
We went to visit our papa, he passed away 12 years ago and this was the first time I'd been out to his grave site since we had his funeral. It was a very hard moment for me. I was so close to my papa and I hated that he was taken from us way to early. I've made a promise to myself and him that I will go visit more often when I am home. There's no reason not to, the cemetery is a mile from my other grandparents house. He loved him some DoubleMint gum and always had it around the house. When I see it, it always reminds me of him and so of course I had to take him some!!! 
I'm named after both my grandma's (my middle name). I love that my grandparents and great grandparents have the quote on their head stones. "Together Forever" It's crazy because the hubbs and I have a quote / saying that is almost just like theirs. I never knew this before, clearly bc I hadn't been out here in so long. Its a hard thing for me to go here. I hate not having him here with us. 
Bubby cleaning off the grass and shrub from the headstone. My Nene, our grandma (Carol Ann) is obviously still alive, thank the Good LORD!!!!!
While walking through the cemetery looking for our papa's plot I found our Great-Grand Parents head stone first. (we knew it was in the area where we were) Then right next to theirs is our Uncle Davids, our papa's twin brother who we never got to meet because he left us much much to early. But thankfully they are all right close together and we can go visit when ever we want and I plan to do so. 

Oh and then of course there's this beautiful girl!!! My sweet little cousin Shae, although she just finished 8th grade and is going in to her Freshman year of High School this year. You'd never know. The way she talks, walks, dresses and acts. She's CRAZY but I absolutely ADORE THE LIFE out of her. When she was born I was 13, her age now. (well she's 14, so pretty much) When I go home I generally spend most of my time with her and my brother!!! 
Her daddy, My Favorite Uncle. Uncle Richard, we've been close since day one. I went to him all the time when I lived at home for everything. I would go spend the night at his house on the weekends just so we could hang out and watch non-sense on TV. He takes longer than any of my girl friends to get ready. The guy seriously takes hour or longer long showers. Then another hour to get dressed and do his hair. I'm not kidding. When my mom was going into labor with me, he asked her if he was going to be a uncle or a aunt. lol. I'm so glad he turned out to be my uncle. lol. He's one of my best friends ever!!
His little mini squirt is just like him. She is so her daddies child and theirs no denying it for either of them. I know that's why I adore and love Shae so much because me and her daddy are so close. Well and not to mentions she's a freaking hoot to be around!!!
One afternoon bubby and I decided to go and have a few drinks with our God-Father. We grew up with Croysdale, he was like our 2nd dad. He's our dad's best friend, they lived together before our parents got together. They went to high school together and he has always been there for me and my brother. We spent endless weekends and summers at the river skiing and hanging out at the pool. Getting married and moving away you tend to loose touch with people but thank's to FB we are able to stay in touch. The last time I saw Croysdale was at my wedding almost 6 years ago. Bubby hadn't seem him for a good couple years before that but you would never had though a day had passed when we met up with him. He hasn't changed one bit and it was so wonderful getting to catch up and chat with him. I absolutely love him just as my dad and always will. I can't wait to go home again soon and see him again. No matter how old I get he'll always be my God-Daddy!!!
I had a great time during my short visit back in the Lone Star State, it was a bitter sweet sad trip but I did make the most of it and got in a lot of family time and at the end of the day that's all that matters!!! This trip home was spent with 100% family. As much as I wanted to see a few close friends there just wasn't enough time in the day. Also not having a rental car of my own kinda limited my getting around. I'm so blessed though that everyone was so understandings and supportive of my reasoning for coming home.  I'm so glad I was able to make it and I can't wait to go back home again soon. I miss living in Texas so much and it breaks my heart every time I have to leave. 
Until we met again TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie said...

Sound like you had a great time!!! Its so nice you are able to go home so often.

Brittany said...

AHHHH You came to visit the promise land!!!!!!!!!!!! :) So glad you had a good trip. Can't believe that about your brother....he must be one tough cookie to already be up and going! And so sweet that you left gum on papa's grave! You are the sweetest person ever!