Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sorry I've been a little MIA...

1-First Day of Teacher work week. Getting ready for the new school year to start. I'm gonna miss my sweet little people. I just keep letting myself Change is good. 
2-Friday (last week) after I got off work, (hello half day's) the hubbs and I headed up to Charlotte to do a little shopping at Ikea and had dinner at On The Border. We came home with a new Entertainment unit. I absolutely love it. 
3-Monday on my lunch break I got dinner going in the Crock pot. Hubbs was home for the day already so I left him instructions on how and when to finish things up. I pre-measured everything and laid it all out for him. A little OCD maybe but hey makes things easier on him. 
4-Saturday after my morning run I came home to find this lovely giant truck in my neighbors drive way. They are moving!!!!! We knew they were moving this month just wasn't sure the date. They are by far the most un-sanitariest people I have ever lived by. Their house is infested with mice so badly the moving company set up by the army refused to move them. 
5-This past week has definitely been a challenge for me, for many reasons. I've been put to the test in many ways but I've stood my ground and stuck to my guns and made it through. I know this life we live isn't always gonna be cookies and ice cream but I'm making the best of every moment and that's all I can do. 
6-I stepped out of my comfort zone last weekend and join a running group. I've been trying to pick up my running and add the miles to my long weekend runs. This was a first for me, joining a group not knowing a single soul. It was a great experience w/ great people and I plan to continue going every Saturday till my Full Marathon in November. 
7-Not that I'm counting but I was talking to a friend in Texas about NYC and it got me wondering how much longer we have till our trip. 125 days!!!! I can't wait to take the hubbs and show him around one of my most favorite cities ever!!! NYE IN NYC, I can't wait we are going to have a great time!!!! 
8-Wednesday after work Kelly and I were suppose to go run but for other reason's she wasn't able to go. That didn't keep me from going though, I did a good solid 4.5 miles around post before dinner. I Just went out to run, had no plan or set route in mind. Figured I'd take it as it came and it ended up being a great run. 
9-Sometime last week the hubbs and I were randomly searching on ebay at different fiestaware pieces when I came across this beautiful piece. It's a retired covered casserole dish in the color Juniper. I have a pretty good collection of fiestaware but I'm always trying to add to it and find pieces that I don't have yet. Especially unique pieces such as retired or vintage ones. I love it and am so happy with my purchase. 
10-Another Saturday run with the Trenholm Road Runners group this morning. There was a nice breeze through out the run and I did better at remembering the route this morning. I chatted with some of the other members of the group after our run and everyone seems really nice and welcoming. We are planning to run a race together in October, which many of them have ran before. I'm pretty excited about it and nervous at the same time. Apparently its a really awesome race here in the South. 


Pamela said...

On The Border is so good!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

That is SO disturbing about how gross your neighbors were!

Hope hte start of the school year has been great!

Breanna Hohenstein said...

Looks like you've been a busy gal :)