Monday, January 11, 2016

The Day My World Changed Forever

Over the weekend I though maybe.....just maybe. No it couldn't be, it's to early its to soon. We'd only taken this path just a short 5 months earlier. This couldn't be happening.
Monday morning on my way to work I texted my Spouse (aka Sarah).

I still wasn't 100% sold that this could even be a possibility. My lunch rolled around I went up to Walgreen's. I picked up a 2 pack and figured I'd have one for now and one for in the morning. You know just in case I didn't like the answer it gave me or wanted to double check and see if maybe it changed. That's when I looked down and saw a box with three. Ok what the heck at least this way if the out come wasn't what we where hoping for I'd have another one on hand for next month.
Back to work, I took the test. "It's the middle of the day I though, it's not going to happen". Your suppose to do this first thing when you wake up.
I stuck it in my cabinet and went to get my lunch. A couple minutes later I came back to check it and found this....

OMG, I lost it. I started bawling my eyes out. This couldn't be happening, was this real?! I was a ball of emotions, excited, surprised, scared! Let's be real I was totally overwhelmed.
Yes we had been trying but apart of me didn't think it would happen this soon after all it had only been 5 months. (really 4 from the time I got pregnant)

When the Spouse found out she was expecting I was the first one to find out. We where chatting on FB and she sent me a picture on messenger. So it only seemed fitting that A- she was the first to know (all along I knew I tell her first) and B- that I send her a picture. She knew I was at work so after her reply of ...

I called her back. The next half hour we chatted about so much. It was a world wind. I still was in a little disbelief. She helped me figure out the due date, which made it even more real.

My next step was figuring out how I was going to tell the hubbs. I played around with a couple idea's of course I went to Pinterest. I wanted to do special and different. I mean after all we've waited almost 9 years to even consider trying. So I wanted it to be a moment we would both remember forever.

Tuesday the following morning I took a second test just to see if maybe just maybe it had changed and the first one was a fluke. No such thing. Apparently there's no such thing as a false positive. This was the result I got.

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