Saturday, January 16, 2016

Easy & Healthy

When the hubbs deployed in November of 2014 I made a huge change in my fitness and nutrition routines. Really focusing on me and building a better life for myself, the hubbs and our future. Now more than ever I really need to stay focused on my goals and stay on track with my nutrition and workouts. Its not just about me any more but a growing babe as well. I won't even lie or sugar coat it, pregnancy absolutely terrifies me. The weight gain, the sickness, the delivery, my body changing. Did I mention the weight gain. AAAHHH!!!!! Its all so scary and over whelming, I know its one of the best times in our / my life but it still is so much to take in. I plan to stick to my workouts, running and biking as long as I can and I have the ok from my doctor. Thankfully being in a really good routine before hand helps me keep that momentum going.
I know everyones situation and experience is different and I want to make are I have as easy and smooth painless pregnancy and birth as possible. So I am going to try to do everything possible to make that happen. I know there will be those moments of absolute misery, but I can only hope they are far and few between.
Speaking of a easy pregnancy, I know that the most important part is the simple fact that babe is 100% ok and healthy. I want nothing more than to have a healthy babe. I know that as long as babe is healthy and well everything else will fall into place. However I may have my finger's crossed that babe is a girl. It's always been a dream of mine to have a little southern girl. I think we are pretty settled on just having one. (that's the plan as of now at least.) I do know that I would be just as happy and over joyed with a handsome little boy to. Girls are just so adorable and so much fun!! Right!!!!

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