Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have come to this conclusion & I'm sticking with it & living by it from here on out.

***It doesn't matter what kind of car I drive.
***It doesn't matter what kind of house I live in.
***It doesn't matter if my house if furnished with the latest & greatest.
***It doesn't matter what the floor looks like.
***It doesn't matter if the bed isn't made.
***It doesn't matter if I don't dress like everyone else.
***It doesn't matter if I don't have the ideal job.
***It doesn't matter if the dogs get hair on the couch right after I clean them.
***It doesn't matter if I am not up with the latest style.
***It doesn't matter if I have a million dollars or five dollars
***It doesn't matter if I'm pretty or not.
***It doesn't matter what other people think of me.
***It doesn't matter how I live my life.
***It doesn't matter what I eat & were.
***It doesn't matter what kind of hang bag I carry & if it's name brand or not.
***It doesn't matter were I have been in life.
***It doesn't matter how many friends I have.
***It doesn't matter if you don't like me, it's not my lose it's yours.
***It doesn't matter that I'm not super skinny.
***It doesn't matter if I have loads of bling bling / Jewelery.
***It doesn't matter what state I live in.
***It doesn't matter what my house looks like inside or out.
***It doesn't matter that sometimes I mess up things cooking.
***It doesn't matter that I may not be that adventures.
***It doesn't matter if my hair is black, brown, blond, red, pink or blue.
***It doesn't matter that I can't just walk into a store & buy whatever I want with out making sure we have enough money.
***It doesn't matter if I shop at Wal Mart or Kmart.
***It doesn't matter were I came from & how I grew up.

I could go on & on there are so many things that....well you know just DON'T matter to me anymore.
As long as his hand is in mine, I am as happy as can be & head over heels in love. NOW THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS.
As we were walking back to the car last night from having dinner down in Waikiki @ Planet HollyWood, we were holding hands. I began to think that nothing in the world not a single thing I owned or person I know matters more to me than this man right here by my side.
I told myself that I am going to live by this from now on. I am going to live for Gabe & not other people. Because @ the end of the night when I lay my head down on my pillow he is going to be the one right there beside me HOLDING MY HAND.


Annie Banannie said...

Love is so incredibly freeing :)

Jess said...

Very true! The only "man" who comes before my husband is God...other than that, it is all about Greg!