Thursday, September 24, 2009


So my friend Crystal & I are taking on a 21 day challenge.
We are going to the track every evening & walking around at least 3 times and then jogging around once for the first week, & each week there after we will jog one more time around. I was so nervous the first night we went because I had both the pups. and well doing any kind of walking with them is a work out in its self. Thankfully be time we did our 3 walking laps they were getting warn out & semi calm. So the jog went very well. I felt so good about myself when we finish. I was a bit worried because of my ankles & not having a arch it tends to hurt very badly when I run however I did just fine.
I was excited about it & in my head I wanted to go again but my body was telling me to WAIT! We ended the evening walking around the track one more time to cool down. It was wonderful, just being able to talk with Crystal and enjoy the nice evening breeze. It took my mind off Gabe being gone for a bit.
We headed home with plans to do it all over again tomorrow after work. "Yeah Tiffany you can do this." I though to myself. After getting home & settling down a bit, I decided to challenge myself one more time. I jumped on Gabes Rower that we have up stairs and gave it a spin. Doing 15 minutes & sweating my booty off like crazy. Oh man I was feeling it.
I am excited about our challenge & continuing with it even after the 21 days with My Love. The only thing that sucks about it is that right after the 21 days I leave for Texas for 3 weeks. Meaning when I get back I am going to have to start all over.
Well, I guess I would rather start over than not start at all. We have a goal & I am sticking with it and once I reach that I will let you all in on it :), but until then back to the challenge we go.


Jess said...

You can do it! I'm doing the same thing...going to the gym and eating only good foods from Trader Joe's. I'm trying to cut out processed foods and all fast food.

NeNe said...

Good for you, nothing like a good, brisk walk. Ido water aerobics and take the dog walking each a.m., haven't been able to take her this week as my knee is bothering me. But it is very refreshing. And the last time I ever bowled was when Bud, Judy, Donald and I went and Judy hit me in the head with a bowling ball, not on purpose, I was leaning down picking out a ball and she swung hers to ge the feel of it and it hit me, so that was the end of my bowling...Must run, going to Sun. School and Church...Love, Nene

Annie Banannie said...

Way to get your sweat on :)