Saturday, September 26, 2009

Girls Night Out :)

Tonight was girls night out PLUS My Gabers!!!!!!!!! Yeppers he tagged along with Crystal & I to the bowling alley for our little work get together. I was not planning on going at all due to some personal reasons that kinda upset me but then I though. "I am better than this & will go just for a bit". So after dinner the four of us (Crystal, Chy. Gabe & I) headed up to the bowling alley to say "HELLO." That was the plan, we were going to go have a drink & make a appearance then be on our way.
But My Love had other plans, he talked the two of us in to playing a game, so Crystal & I rotated on & off. Half way through, I was thinking this really isn't that bad and I am glad that I came. I love the girls that I work with (just the ones that are in my room were there) and am really blessed to have such a close nit team. I enjoy going to work (for the most part) knowing I get to spend my day with them. We ended the first game & Michelle headed out so Crystal & I took over her 2ND game that she already paid for & had a blast. We were all laughing, dancing, singing and bowling our little hearts out. AAAHHHHH, Cosmic Bowling was a blast. I Managed to get one STRIKE & a spare or two.

Not to bad for a girl that hasn't been bowling in FOREVER. Our "stopping by & saying Hi and heading on our way" turned in to a all nighter. But totally worth it. I think we have decided that once a month we will plan some type of get together.
Gabe even enjoyed himself, I hate going and doing things with out him when he is home, hints the reason he tagged along. I talked him into it. Crystal, Sharon & Michelle are all Army spouses & their husbands are all deployed right now, set to be back by the end of the year. Mrs. Melanie's Husband is retired Army & the other two girls that we work with are local Mrs. Karen, her husband is away for the week visiting family & Nicole's boyfriend....well decided to stay home.
We had a wonderful evening & can't wait to do it again.

left to right
(first row: Mrs. Mel, Crystal & lil. Chy Chy, Me)
(Second row Sharon, Nicole, Michelle, Karen)


~kari~ said...

i love going bowling!! we'll have to go while you're out here some time!

Jess said...

Go to the site and they will even give you instructions! You will find something you love (I hope cause they have a ton of cute stuff)! If you need help, just hollar and I will help you because plain blogs are so YESTERDAY, lol! :)

Looks like you had fun bowling...can't wait to see the pics of the dinner party!

Annie Banannie said...

Bowling is SOOO much fun!! Especially cosmic bowling :) Looks like a fab night out with your coworkers...and Gabe what a good sport :)

Jess said...

OK, so how did you get the picture (your header) so big? The pic I have is so tiny!