Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy Birthday To US!!!!!

This year our birthday celebration's where a bit low key and well, I was totally ok with that. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my birthday being in the middle of the week but I knew I wanted to do something. But taking the whole day off work seemed silly because in reality what was I going to go do all day. That's when a co-worker / friend suggested taking the afternoon off. That was the best idea ever!!! I was able to go into work, celebrate my birthday with my kiddos and then have the afternoon to myself, or to do whatever it was I wanted.

So that morning I treated myself to Panera Bread for breakfast, Berry Smoothie and a Cinnamon Swirl bagel. So tasty!! 
I absolutely love Strawberry Cake and had been itching to make a Sprinkled covered one, it seemed fitting for a birthday celebration at school and the kiddos loved it!!! 

I've been extremely faithful with my NO-FAST FOOD since the hubbs has left but a birthday calls for a SPLURGE and that I did. After I got off for the afternoon, my friend / co-worker Barbie and I headed to Chick-fil-a for a little celebratory lunch. OMG, it was fabulous and I absolutely loved every bit. Totally worth it! 
After lunch I enjoyed a little bit of me time which included a much needed Pedi and then to the movies to finally see Furious 7. I'd been holding out to go see it on my B-day to give me something to do and it was so nice not to have to deal with the crowds. 
I ended the evening with a quick 3 mile run around my neighborhood followed by dinner that consisted of a Apple. Which I was totally fine with,  After Splurging through the day I was stuffed and really not all that hungry. It made up for everything I'd eaten that day.


The hubbs birthday is 9 days after mine but generally we make a point to celebrate them both. I'm all about celebrating on my day for me and his day for him. This year with him being deployed there wasn't mach celebrating done on his part, so I of course had to make up for him and that I did. 
I had these fabulous cookies made for our birthday and kept half of them for myself and sent him the other half. They where seriously so tasty and I could have eaten them all up in one or two sittings but I didn't. (that would have been bad.) I absolutely loved the post M wrote with her Insta picture so much I had to share it. 

 I sent these along with some other goodies to the hubbs and he definitely enjoyed them. 
We didn't really do gifts this year, my gift is a new pair of running shoes. However I have to wait till I get my custom braces back from being made before going and getting them. (that's a whole other story.) The hubbs is always ordering gun stuff and so of course that is what his gift consisted of this year. 
It's just not a birthday celebration without yummy food and CUPCAKES!!!! 
Oh a whim Barbie and I decided to order Chinese for lunch and have a little lunch date in our classroom. It was so good, I love me some sweet 'n sour chicken and fried rice!!! I had already decided that I was going to get cupcakes for us to have that afternoon, of course in the hubbs honor. It's what he would have wanted, I am sure of it!!! 
We have a local cupcake shop here and their cupcakes and huge, I got two and we split them so we each had a half of each one. I'm pretty sure I could have popped after, between lunch and the cupcakes. But my cheat day's have come far and far and few here lately so it was a nice little treat. 
That evening I headed to the ball field to watch two of my little kiddo's play T-Ball and had my dinner on the way. A Apple of course, I was still pretty full from the day and not to hungry but knew I needed something in my system. I was craving something fresh and healthy so a sliced Apple on the go it was. I've seriously become addicted to them here over the last few months, not a day goes by I don't have one. 
All in all it was a good two day's of celebrating our birthday's considering our current situation and being thousands of miles away from each other. 
I'm looking forward to being able to do celebrating and making up for all the missed Holiday's when he does finally make it back home.


Pamela said...

The cake looks so good!! I follow The Baked Equation & love their stuff!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a pretty good birthday. I love that you celebrated his too. I did the same thing when Tom was deployed.