Saturday, May 30, 2015

Patio Lunchin

I feel like this scrumptious tasty lunch deserves a post all on its own, it was that good. So simple but one of my favorite summer time dishes. Well really I'll chow down on one any time of the year. You just can't go wrong with a tasty veggie loaded sammy. Hands down I'd much rather go to a Deli and have a delicious sandwich then go to any fast food joint for awful greasy foods. 
What's even better is a freshly homemade sammy!!!!
(aside from Chick-Fil-A, I'll alway LOVE me some Chick-Fil-A) 
I started my morning off bright and early. Not on purpose that's just how the cookie crumbled. I guess when your body is so used to getting up between 4:45 and 5:00am every morning to workout before heading to school, 6:00am becomes sleeping in. I woke up at one point and the sun was already shinning through my windows. I checked the clock figuring it was probably close to 7-ish. NOPE, it was only 5:45am. The heck with that I rolled back over and closed my eyes. A bit later I woke up again, checking the clock it was 6:07am. What in the world, I laid there for a bit browsing through social media on my phone before I bit the bullet and got my butt outta bed. Figured I might as well get up and get moving. The sooner I did, the sooner I would have my workout done for the day. 

Saturday Morning Plan:
-make & chill Shakeology in the freeze for post w/o
-workout - 21 DFX Dirty 30 
-farmers market- by 8-ish, to beat the crowd
-commissary - meat & beans for this week's dinner
-home - lunch and relaxing and a little tv watching
-enjoy my last free Saturday - school starts next week (T / TH / S)
-pups - walk the pups sometime in there

My morning went a little different then planned. But it was well worth it!! 
-Shakeology made and chilling in the freezer
-21 DFX Dirty 30 w/o done
-cleaned the whole house, (wasn't really on the agenda for the day) but so so glad its done
-vacuumed up & down stairs, dusted & wiped everything down, bathrooms bleached, laundry done & put away, bed sheets washed and made, trash taken out, counters & sink cleaned
-farmers market w/ Shak-O in hand- went to our local FM which is super close & stocked up on my veggies for the week
-Hop-town FM - wanted to check out another FM I found via FB a few days ago. From the pictures it looked pretty good. Figured I'd make the drive (ruffly 25-30 mins later) out, so not worth it at all. It was crazy small and not a good variety to choose from. You live and learn right. 
- commissary - though I had two packs of ground turkey in the freezer, nope only one. I needed a second one for a chili I'm making for this week's dinner, wanting to double it to freeze some. I needed a few can's of beans but could pick them up at the local family store near my house. Going to the commissary on payday weekend is not ideal for me. But I refuse to go to Walmart. 
Told myself I was going to make this a quick in and out trip and get just what I needed and that I did. Surprisingly it wasn't to bad but still didn't wanna get stuck in there longer then I had to. 

The point behind the post, MY LUNCH
I got home put everything away, already knowing what I was planning on making for lunch I got to work. It was already a quarter to 1:00 & I was a bit starved. But let me tell you it was well worth the wait. 
Toasted Whole Wheat Grain Toast- lightly peppered topped w/ some FM finds: sliced tomatoes, fresh lettuce leaves, 3 slices of turkey & 3 sliced of ham followed by another layer of sliced tomatoes & lettuce, topped w/ another toasted piece of Whole Wheat Grain Toast & a side of sliced Gala Apples. (no dressing or sauce, it wasn't needed didn't wanna take away from the goodness)
It was amazing, I could seriously eat this every day and never get tired of it. Already looking forward to having it again for tomorrows lunch. I might even add on some boiled eggs. 

Best part is I have plenty of meat and veggies left to make roll-up's with to take for lunch this next week. (no bread)

Following the 21 DFX Nutrition Guide this would equal- 1-red, 2-yellow, 1-green, 2- purple 
Well worth it if I do say so myself. 

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ummmo!!!! Looks delish!!!!