Monday, May 25, 2015

My Worst Nightmare.....

sound asleep, dreaming peacefully, only to be woken up at 2:30am by the fire alarm going off in your house beeping so loudly saying "fire in house" is not my ideal of a perfect evening. i jumped out of bed, checked over the balcony (had to make sure there wasn't a intruder, that's another story) and raced down stairs to let the pups out. i unset the house alarm and started checking every room in the house. i couldn't smell smoke, i didn't see fire or even see smoke. the stupid alarm was so loud. my heart was racing like crazy and panic was starting to set in. what to do, do i leave, who do i call, i'm home alone and my fire alarm was going off. i couldn't get the stupid thing to stop beeping. i stepped out on my front porch to see if there was anything going on out side. mean while its 2:45am by this point and i called my neighbor but she didn't answer, so i called the other one. nothing. called the first one back again, her husband this time. he didn't answer. omg, i'm literally freaking out. i felt awful at the though of going over to wake them up, but what was i suppose to do. i went over and knocked on the door. thankfully he had just gotten up to call me back. i explained in a panic what was going on and with out hesitation he came over to check the house. again we found nothing but got the alarm turned off. he semi sorta put my mind at ease and went home. i shut and locked the front door, hung my jacket up and the freaking alarm started going off again. que, heart attack again, i opened the door yelled at E to come back but he'd already gone back inside. while trying to turn it off again i was calling him to come back over. when he did the alarm at that point started saying carbon monoxide detected. i'm literally panicking at this point, i have many fears in life, hello i'm human. but one of them is my home catching on fire and loosing everything. it terrifies me. i'm sure as it would any one. E suggested we called 911 to have them come out and take a look around the house to make sure there was no sights of it and that everything was ok. when i did the first dispatcher suggested changing the batteries first. when i explained to him A) i'm home alone and want to have my house checked out and B) i don't have any batteries here at the house, he seemed a little more understanding. trying to keep my cool and not go off on this guy because i didn't want E to see m crazy side, he then transferred me to another dispatcher whom i explain the situation to. they agreed to quickly get someone out to the house and suggested we wait outside till they got there. it had started to rain again and so E said I could wait at their house and we'd watch out the window to see when they came. i don't even know how long it took them to get to my house it seemed like forever probably because at this point i was exhausted and still panicked something was wrong. praying my home wasn't going to catch fire. finally the local volunteer fire truck came down our street, I guess when you live in the country and its 3:15am that's what you get. first he stopped about 5 house two early and almost went to the door. how awful would that have been, if he did and woken up that poor couple. i quickly walked down to him as he was getting out and asked if he was here for the alarm call. i pointed out that my house was down a few more. once he came down and i explain what was going on. him and E went in and checked over everything again. he did a carbon monoxide test on the house and nothing read over a 0 which was good. he checked and found no signs of smoke of fire through out the home. what in the world could have caused this then. i was at a loss. E checked the batteries and replaced the ones that were low. he suggested that may have been the reason it went off. i've never heard of such a thing, i've always just known them to beep a constant steady beep till you replace it. the main two in the house where the ones going off so maybe they are different he suggested. the local fire department guy left after completing his checks and E made sure i was settled and ok. i apologized a million and one times and couldn't thank him enough. i felt awful. it took me a good hour plus to fall back asleep and i didn't end up waking up till 9am. which that never happens. sleeping in for me at the most is 7-7:30am. the night really got the best of me. thank goodness i had the day off, i'm not sure i could have made it in to work if i hadn't. i didn't have a lot to do today, a couple errands but the last thing i wanted to do was work out and put myself together. i wanted comfort food and to be lazy. however i picked myself up got my work out in and headed out the door, shakeology in hand. ran my errands and got my to do list done. came home baked muffins for my ever so amazing neighbors and delivered them with replacement batteries in hand. it's been a world wind over the past several months but i'm pretty sure this tops the cake. i'm over the deployment, throwing in the towel, i need....there's no longer a want i NEED my husband home. i mean of course i want him home but you know what i mean.
frozen pipes in the winter, fire alarm's going off in the spring, summer please be nice to me i don't know that i can handle anything else. 

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Stephanie said...

Glad that everything is ok! That is scary!