Saturday, May 16, 2015

Springing into Summer!!!!

I'm absolutely love loving this warmer sunshiny weather we are having. It's done wonder's on my pale skin and brightened up my home as well. I've brought in some beautiful flowers through out the back and front yard. Even added some veggie and fruit plants, well see how long those hold up. However I have been really good about remembering to water them, so fingers crossed. I've been enjoying our back patio quite a bit here lately. It's so relaxing to come home from a long day at work and just sit outside with the pups, have dinner and listen to the birds and bugs. I've spruced it up a bit so its cozy and cute, I've still got a few idea in mind to add to it but for now its just perfect!!! It's much more enjoyable then plopping in front of the tv, which I find I'm doing less and less through out the work week. I am oh so excited about the new season of the Bachelorette starting up this Monday though. Should be interesting to see how this season play's out with there being two Bachelorette's. Sadly I'll have to wait till Tuesday night's to watch it since we do not have cable, only Net-Flix and Hulu. It took a while to get used to not having cable but I can proudly say I don't miss it one bit. We didn't watch it nearly enough before and so it just made sense to do with out when we moved to TN. I don't know that we'll ever go back, I like to enjoy the simpler finer things in life and I grown to realize tv isn't one of those.

Everybody loves a little local Strawberry pickin. Sarah and her sweet little family where kind enough to share part of her mother's day with me. We met out at the strawberry farm to do a little picking of our own. Little AB couldn't stop eating them, she was def. enjoying the her first adventure of S. picking. I didn't blame her one bit though, they are so fresh and tasty!!! 
This past week at work has been absolutely crazy and exhausting. I'm so glad the weekend is here and I hope it creeps by because I'm not ready to start another work week yet. I am scheduled to work a 40 hour work week and from time to time I'll have a hour- two at the most of collective over time though the week. Yesterday when I clocked out at 5 min. till 6pm mind you I am suppose to get off at 4:30pm, I had 46 hours for the week. That's 6 hours "SIX" hours of over time. That's more than a hour a day people. Talk about one of the longest weeks ever!!!! I still managed to come home and walk the pups and pick up the house a bit before settling down for dinner. But boy was I beat, between my weekly workouts, runs and non-stopping working I was more than ready for a break.
I'm not sure though how long this "break" is going to last. I start a new workout / nutrition plan on Monday. (some of you may have heard of the 21 day fix extreme, through beachbody, ya I'm going to do it, wish me luck!!) And we have less then a month till our pre-school graduation, so I'm going to have to really start buckling down with my kiddos even more to get them ready for that. Not to mention there was / is a possibility for me to take a summer course and when I say summer I mean a whole 15 week course crammed into a single month. Through the month of June. A little part of me was kinda hoping it would fall through and I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed but it didn't and here I am. I have the weekend to decide if I'm going to do this or not. Like the husband said, I've got to take it at some point so why not just go and get it over with. But hello its 5 Tuesday night, 2 Thursday nights and 4 Saturday's through the month. 45 whopping hours aaaahhh!!!! I don't know what to do. The one good thing is I know the instructor teaching the class, and my girl A who took the last two classes with is doing it, so at least I'll know someone. And I suppose it would probably help pass more time with the hubbs not being home.
Speaking of that handsome fella himself, he really needs to hurry and get his booty home. I know not like he has any control over that matter. But would be nice if he did. Still no word on when he's coming back either, which totally down right sucks, seeing's as his whole company came back early April and he was moved to another company. Talk about a bummer. But we have officially decided where we are going for his / our post deployment trip and I'm beyond excited. Crazy as it was to it was all his idea, I most certainly didn't see that one coming. We're keeping it under the radar for now but I can't wait to share!!!!
Well now that I've sat out and enjoy the morning rain and chirping birds this lovely gloomy morning I suppose it's time for me to get ready for the day, Sarah and I've got a little adventuring to do this morning. Time with her is always the best and frankly not always that often enough so I'm soaking it in and enjoying it while we can. Because I'm sure gonna miss her here soon, but we aren't talking about that. I'm in denial!!!!!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you watch The Bachelorette too so I have someone to talk to about it!!!! We don't have cable either so I'm always behind the rest of the country.

Stephanie said...

This season is a little silly on the Bachelorette. Drama filled for sure.