Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When the Going Get's Tuff.... Put a Smile on and Press on.

(disclamer: the title has nothing to do with the post, just sounded good.)

I'm trying to build up my long distance runs again. So with that in mind I've dedicated Sunday's after church to running at the Greenway. A local park that has two great walking trails. One FLAT and one NOT so flat. I take the road less hilly. 
I was beyond stoked with this time and pace of my run from the weekend before last. My goal was 7 and I told myself if I felt good I'd go for 8. Next thing you know I'm at 9 miles. Crazy, but fabulous!! 
I already posted about it but I recently started my first round of the 21 day first extreme program and am absolutely in love with it. Its helped me so much and really allowed me to get my nutrition in check and on the right track. I love what its doing for me and will def. be something that I continue on with even after the 21 days is up. #lifestylechange 
One of my few To Do's for while the hubbs is away is to stock up on Powder. He reloads his own ammo. And well I haven't had any luck at all. He's picky and only likes one brand, which just so happen that everyone else the country apparently likes the same one. So needless to say its been hard to come by. That is until I found out a guy in our neighborhood owns a gun store, who happen to be at a gun show this past weekend and came across a 8lb. and 4lb. jug of powder that I've been looking for. I told him to pick up the 8lb. for me, and the more I though about it, I knew if I told the hubbs there was more and I didn't get it, I'd never live it down. Well needless to say I got both, but haven't told him. I'm planning on waiting and surprising him when he gets home. 
He also though I needed my own range bag to take along with us, when he gets home. I didn't really feel it was a must have on my part but who am I to argue. I got the bag in the mail a couple weeks ago and it sat on my kitchen table and never moved. That was until I had the brilliant idea to have it MONOGRAMMED. Hello!!!! Just wait till he comes home and see's that. Let's just hope he really did intend on it being for me and not himself. lol 
This past Sunday morning at the Greenway, church services where different due to the Holiday so I took it upon myself to sleep in and skip church. Well I didn't get my sleeping in done. I never can seem to sleep past 7ish. So why lay there and be lazy when I can get up and get my work out and run done and over before noon. That's just what I did. A 30 minute routine of Yoga from the 21 DFX plan and then another 9 miles at the Greenway. My goal was 10 miles but my legs just weren't feeling it. I pushed myself to get to 9. I just knew my pace was going to be much higher then last week and in fact it wasn't it was spot on. My time as well. To last week. I couldn't believe it. Almost had me wishing I would have pushed myself that extra mile. 
After my morning run, (I was done and home by 10:30, which felt great) I made myself a little 21 DFE approved snack and relaxed on the back patio for a few hours. It was such a beautiful day out. I attempted to catch some zzzz's but the pesky flies didn't let that happen. Not to mention I think I need to get some seat cushions for our chairs.  

I was really missing my love that evening. Long weekends will do that to you. I tend to stay pretty busy during the week, which helps the time pass quickly but the weekends are harder. This past weekend I had absolutely NO plans which was wonderful. A few errands, meal prepping and my 21 DFX W/O's but that was it. I took full advantage of relaxing at home, catching up on some tv shows and simply enjoyed not having to be any where or do anything. It was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of life lately. 

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