Sunday, August 16, 2015

Block Leave- River Weekend Edition 2.

Friday, back to the River for our last few days in Texas. I wasn't sure if we where going to be able to make it up again before we left but I'm so glad we where able to make it work out. My little cousin Shae (little as in 16 lol) was able to come out with us as well. Its always fun when we get her together and bring her along with. That evening after we got to the house and unloaded the car, Shae and I went back into town for some grocery's. Later that evening we headed over to Chris' house, a friend of my brothers where the hubbs and a few other's had gotten together for drinks. It had been a long day so we called it a night shortly after midnight. 
Up early the next morning the hubbs and I went on a bike ride down 916 which leads to the boat ramp and old fish camp. Along the ride there's area's where you can see the river through the tree's and it looked so peaceful so early in the morning. I of course had to stop and snap a few pictures along the way. 5 miles in we turned around to head back, making for a good solid ride. The hill leading up the neighborhood is killer, I'm talking straight up, curvy and hilly. I just knew I was going to have to get off my bike half way up and walk it but I made it. I put it in the lowest gear and just dug down deep and went for it. My legs might have been dying when I got to the top but I was impressed with myself for making it. Rebecca had made a fabulously delicious breakfast for us before we headed out on the boat for the day. Sucks that she had to work today (thankfully she didn't have to be in till the afternoon) because she wasn't able to go out on the boat with us but I'm glad we where able to spend a little bit more time with her before we left. 
We loaded up the truck, headed to get the boat from the storage unit, and then to get gas and guess who pulls up at the same time as us...My Dad!! Yup, he was coming out to go on the boat with us again and they didn't tell me. I was so excited to get to spend a little bit more time with him. 
Since it was Saturday the water was a bit more busier than when we where there the weekend before on Sunday. We headed up the opposite direction towards the lake to meet up with some of Justin's friends. I'd been up into the lake before but never up that far before, all these years past and we just would always stay down in the river. We took turns skiing back up to the island and spent the day hanging out there in the water drinking a few cold ones.
Eventually dad was ready to go, so Justin hung back with his friends and the hubbs, Shae and Myself drove him back. I absolutely love driving the boat and miss it so much so when JT asked if I wanted to drive dad back I jumped at the chance. 
After getting back to the beach we hung out a bit more before slowly making our way back to the boat ramp. Skiing our way back in, making the most of our last day on the water. Shae went first, it took her a bit to get back up on the wakeboard. Poor kid would get up and fall, get up and fall. It went on for about 5 or 6 runs and then finally she road for a good bit then fell. We told her she had one more chance and then she was done. She was getting worn out and you could tell. She popped right up, road a while and then BAM!!!  Crashed right on her face. We turned around to go get her and as we where getting closer she was saying "I'm Bleeding, I'm Bleeding, I really am", "No your not, your fine" we replied. "No really I'm bleeding" she said. We got closer and sure enough her nose was bleeding and she had blood running down her face. She was laughing and making comments about how gross it was. Well of course its gross, its not going to taste good you crazy kid. We knew she was ok, and couldn't help but laugh because she was. It was one of those things where you kinda had to be there but it was hilarious. This went on for a good five minutes of so sitting in the water, her nose bleeding and us dying laughing at her.
After her escapade was over I slipped into the water and slalomed back to the boat ramp. It was a good long run to finish out our day. I miss it so much, and every time I'm always so worried I'm not going to get up or remember how to do it and I pop right up. Just like riding a bike, it all comes back so natural.
Be time we got back to the house it was going on 7pm and we still had to cook dinner. That evening we had plans to cook Kabobs and a Salad but thankfully some of Justin's friends invited us over for a little mexican fiesta. They had made ribs, all the fixings for fajita's, rice, beans, dessert. The whole nine yards. I was quite annoyed / bummed that we had bought all the food and didn't end up cooking it. But at least Justin and Rebecca would be eating good for the next few days.
Dinner with Kim and Doug was so good, they really out did themselves and we where so grateful they invited us all to come over.
The hubbs called it a early night around 9pm and I wasn't far behind him. We knew 3am would come quick, we had a early morning ahead of us followed by a long day driving back to TN.

The past two weeks where much needed for both of us, and I was / am so grateful we where able to spend so much time with our families. I miss home both AZ and TX so much.


Katie said...

Looked like so much fun!!!!

Sarah said...

That bumper sticker is hilarious. Christopher would love it.

Your polka dot bikini is so cute!!