Monday, August 3, 2015

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Saturday night while having dinner with Justin, Rebecca and another Couple at the house they had mentioned having two extra tickets to the Rangers game Monday night and asked if we wanted to come. Free Parking, Free Tickets, Box Seats, umm why in the world would we turn that down. Yes please. I couldn't even tell you the last time I went to a Rangers game. Not to mention the hubbs and I had never been to a sports game together. Crazy to think that almost 9 years later and we are still finding "first's" to do together and experience.

Monday afternoon we had lunch with our mom at a yummy Mexican joint followed by Ice Cream from Braums. Seriously the best Ice Cream ever. I had been dreaming of their Peppermint ice cream and their Chocolate Chip ice cream for weeks now. I'm pretty sure I could eat my weight in it but that would be a little crazy. We are staying with my NeNe while we where in Arlington so we headed to her house to unload the car and visit a bit before our night out at the Ball Park. It has been almost two years since I'v been home (November 2013 for my Mamaw's funeral) so getting to sit down and visit with NeNe was much needed and so nice that it was under been terms this go around. Pleasure not because of a family emergency or a death.

We where suppose to meet up with Justin and Rebecca for drinks before heading to the game but we where doing a little bicycle shopping :) and didn't make it. We had finally found a couple that we liked (we did a little window shopping before lunch) and decided to go back and purchase them. I'm so excited because this will give us something to do together, plus it gives me another way to get a good exercise in.
We dropped the bikes off and headed out to the Ball Park to meet up with JT, Becca, Kim and Doug. I just so happened to have brought my "Your Texas is Showing" tank, which was perfect for a evening at the game. I was already planing out in my head the yummy ball park food I wanted to indulge in. Its a bit pricey to eat at the game but since we didn't have to pay for our seats or parking I was totally ok with splurging a bit on food. Plus we're on Vacay so its ok right. :)

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